Saturday, October 5, 2013

Nancy Fahey Finishes Strong

Below is Nancy's final KIC email to me.  With 8 nests on our beach this year, I can't imagine why she has "fallen horribly behind", can you?  LOL!!!!   Haven't we all been behind?????   Thus, the reason this post is happening in October when the season ended September 15th!!!!

Enjoy, and remember to KeepItClean!!!!

Hi Ginger,

I've fallen horribly behind, so I am sorry for overloading you with so much information at once.

Here goes:  (bag size is that of the grocery store variety)

Monday, 09/02:  2 bags of trash, plus two chairs

Tuesday, 09/03:  3 bags of trash, this included two diapers, 11 plastic bottles, 5 cans, 1 glass bottle, and 7 sand toys, plus other numerous items..

Wednesday, 09/04:  1 bag of trash which included a large piece of fishing gear wrapped in fishing line, plus one chair

Thursday, 09/05:  1/2 bag, plus one styrofoam cooler

Friday, 09/06:  1/2 bag

Saturday, 09/07:  1/2 bag including a wad of fishing line

Sunday, 09/08: 1/2 bag which included 3 pairs of sandals

Monday, 09/09:  3 bags; including 2 pairs of shoes, 1 crock, a long heavy piece of rope, 2 styrofoam cups, 3 plastic cups, 1 ladies feminine product, a wad of fishing line, 6 sand toys, 2 plastic bottles (one had a piece of fishing line and a plastic clip attached to it??),   Plus 4 sand pails, two towels, one beach umbrella with fishing line used to repair it  :(, one shirt, and a stainless steel water bottle.

Tuesday, 09/10:  1 bag of trash:  2 wads of fishing line, 1 linen napkin, 1 plastic bottle, 1 plastic cup, 1 styrofoam cup, 3 straws, 2 balloons, 5 toys, 2 plastic bottle lids, 1/2 plastic egg, 1 fishing lure, 1 lighter, 1 latex glove, 4 pieces styrofoam, 1 band-aid, 1 BONG, 2 plastic bags, 1 piece rubber, 2 popsicle sticks, 1 paper towel, 9 food wrappers, 1 rubber handle (like for the top of a broom stick), 2 wads of paper, 1 baby wipe.
Wed., 09/11, 1 bag of trash: 4 sand pail handles, 7 toys, 2 balloons, 2 plastic bags, 1 paper bag, 2 plastic cup lids, 3 straws, 2 socks, 1 plastic bottle, 1 snorkel, 1 latex glove, 5 paper towels, 1 fabric ribbon, 3 plastic cups, 3 styrofoam cups, 1 can, 1 bandage, 1 plastic bottle lid, 2 lip gloss, 3 shoes, 1 piece netting, 7 food wrappers, 2 cig butts, 2 pieces foam, 1 piece paper, 1 fishing lure, 1 random piece plastic, 1 fishing line.  Add to that one sheet and one chair.
Thurs., 09/12,  1/3 bag of trash (details to follow)
Friday, 09/13,  1 bag of trash
Saturday, 09/14: 1 bag of trash
Sunday, 09/15: 7 bags of random trash (we also cleaned up in the bird sanctuary after removing the postings on Sunday morning.  The 7 bags includes what I collected from the beach and the bird sanctuary area. 
Have fun at the conference, Ginger, and I will see you soon!  :)