Sunday, May 27, 2012

week 4 John and Terri find a pretty clean zone 1 plus a few paw prints

      Terri and I have nothing significant to report and that's good news when we're talking trash on the beach.  We picked up only about 1/2 bag of assorted plastic (sand bucket bail handle, food wrappers, sand toys, cups, etc.) and were pleased there was so little.  We did see plenty of dog footprints in the sand.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Pam and Thom find a clean beach in zone 2!

If you know zone 2, you know it includes JM Pier and to find it this clean is pretty amazing!  I have read in the Lumina News that the WB police department are cracking down on litter and have been writing tickets.  Maybe we are seeing a result!  Thank you WB PD.

Hi Ginger,
    We walked Zone 2 this morning (5/26).  The beach was the cleanest we’ve seen in a long time!  We picked up a half a Walmart bag of trash.  Hope the whole summer goes this way, except for the fact that there were no tracks Sad smile.
Thom & Pam Becker

New Volunteer, Marsha Floyd picks up 7 bags of trash

We have a new volunteer, Marsha Floyd who lives in the central part of the state, but she is so dedicated that she drove all the way here for our spring organizational meeting----how awesome is that?

Marsha was here last week and got up early every day of her vacation to walk the beach in the hopes of finding turtle tracks.  She did not yet find tracks but she did find 7 bags of trash.  John and I actually saw her when we were walking zone 4 last week.  You can read her report below:

Hey Ginger, it was great seeing you and John on the beach the other morning. I walked every morning at 5:45 but never found any tracks, hopefully you guys will find some soon. I walked 4 miles this morning before we left. I wanted to let you know that I picked up trash each morning (a total of 7 full plastic bags for the week) including 2 chairs, a football and 2 towels. You can add that to your total. Have a great summer and I hope to hear we have some nest soon!

week 4, Rick and Jill report from zones 0 & 4

Hi Ginger,
We soooo love your KIC bike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are the reports for the week of 5/21:
5/22: Zone 4 - 2 plastic cups
5/25: Zone 0 - full grocery bag of beer cans and plastic cups/ bottles
I wish you a wonderful Memorial Day weekend as well!



week 4 Annemarie continues to find zone 0 pretty clean

Hi Ginger, 

Not much trash to report, but 1/4th of a Walmart bag and one beach towel.  

Happy Memorial Day weekend!


Joy in zone 5---where do dogs go when the bars close? Could it be the beach?

Hi Ginger
This is Joy reporting on Zone 5 for the last two Tuesday. 
5/15 - Picked up one plastic grocery bag of miscellaneous trash.  Pieces of paper, plastics, straws and the like.  Lots of marsh grass around.
5/22 - Picked up just a few pieces of plastic, paper and a toy shovel.  Also some broken beer bottle glass.  :- (.   There were, however, 3 different sets of dog tracks all over zone 5.  I have notified Shannon but he thinks that they are coming out after the bars close. 
Hope this weekend sees more thoughtful people.

week 4 Michelle find little trash in zone 0

Good Morning,

The good news for Zone 0 on Wed the 23rd is that there was only 1 balloon, 1 plastic baggie, and 1 piece of paper.  The sad news is that there were no turtle tracks.  Maybe some of the other walkers will have better luck today!  Enjoy the week, Michelle

Friday, May 25, 2012

Zone 3, Friday week 4- almost the holiday weekend!

Despite this crow perched ominously on the "danger" sign that greeted me at Wrightsville Beach today, it was actually quite a pretty morning. My husband Jeff had the day off, so I also had a litter-picking-up buddy. Nice!

The total amount of trash that we picked up this morning was half of my reusable bag, which is equivalent to 2 plastic grocery bags. It consisted mostly of fast food drink cups, straws, snack wrappers such as granola bars and candy bars, broken sand toys, and plastic baggies. Recyclables that we picked up included 5 plastic water bottles, 6 plastic bottle caps, and 1 beer can. We also picked up 44 cigarette butts. We did come across a couple pairs of flip flops, but we elected to leave them because we thought they might belong to the surfers.

Overall, the litter was really bad for the first "unofficial" day of the holiday weekend. We were fortunate to also find a couple of good pieces of sea glass. There is already a rather large escarpment in zone 3, so be careful, everyone! :)

Susan Miller

Monday, May 21, 2012

week 3 John and Ginger and the KIC Bike.

This was our first walk of the season and we were surprised by how much wrack line had collected on the beach.  It made me think of the nest that was in zone 5 last year and how the momma sea turtle had disturbed the line of wrack to make her way up to her desired spot to leave her clutch.   I looked for these same signs today, but no such luck.

We did see a beautiful sunrise though.  It was as though the horizon had opened up and was gently helping the sun to rise this morning (I need that kind of help in the mornings too)  :-)

We collected the following on our walk:
12 toys including a butterfly net, a coverless tennis ball, several shovels and a bucket
13 cigarette butts (there were many more, but no time before work to collect those)
1 try sport swim cap (anyone want it---looks like it is in good shape)
2 plastic bags (1 from Wings and 1 from Food Lion)
1 plastic bottle
1 beer can
1 plastic cup
1 styrofoam cup (also plastic)
1 cigarette lighter
1 empty cigarette package
1 fishing gear
10 bottle caps
1 plastic ring pop (minus the candy)
1 bracelet
5 straws
1 plastic hat bill minus the fabric and the rest of the hat (I never thought about the bill of a baseball hat being made of plastic, but it is....    This was easy to see with the fabric missing)
1 pair of cheap sunglasses
lots of other bits of plastic

and John found 2 beautiful shells.

As I was sorting trash, I could not help but think about my cat, Speckles.  If you followed the blog last year, you will remember that Speckles loved to help me sort trash.  He would commune with me every Monday morning while I was sorting, tossing, washing, and organizing trash.  I often took his picture and would sometimes post it.

Sadly, Speckles was killed by a car back in November.  I miss him terribly, but will remember his love for me and those beautiful eyes (one blue and one green).  He was my soul cat and I am thankful that he showed up at our house as a stray and allowed me to be in his life for over 6 years.  I have many happy memories with him.

On a final note, John gave me the perfect Christmas gift this year.  A trailer for my bike so that I can collect trash when I ride on the bike trail.  I love it!!!  I call it "Trailer Trash"  :-)

I have picked up a lot of trash from the cross city trail, but I have also packed chairs in my trailer to take to Airlie Garden for their Friday night concerts.   We often run into other WBSTP volunteers there who also have a bike trailer and from whom John got the wonderful idea---Rick and Jill.

Today I went to WB Farmer's Market which is open every Monday through Labor Day.  I decided to put a cooler in my KIC trailer and go shopping.  I bought eggs, cheese and carrots all from the market today.  Pictured below is the KIC Bike as I waited for the drawbridge.  We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place.  Let's Keep It Clean.  Thanks for all you do.

week 3 Kim Meyer in zone 1

Hi Ginger,

Name : Kim Meyer
Zone : 1
Date Walked : 5/20/2012
# Grocery Bags : 2

Unfortunately it was a very high tide so I have a feeling, due to the light pick up, some may have been swept away in the tide.  About 98% of what I picked up, I was able to recycle.  It was mostly plastic bottles and cans (lots of beer).  Also in the mix were two balls and some children's plastic toys with magnets in them. 


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Kym in zone 5

hi ginger
one full plastic grocery bag today. also, buckets & shovels.
zone 5

week 3- Jill & Rick in zones 0 & 4

Good morning Ginger,
We had a wonderful morning on the beach -- but no tracks yet. 
Here's the report for the week of 5/14:
5/15: Zone 4 - just a bucket handle -- which is great for zone 4!
5/18: Zone 0 - 1/2 grocery bag - plastic cups & a bottle
Have a great weekend!


Week 3- Nancy Fahey subs in zone 1

Hi Ginger,
I monitored Zone 1 on Wednesday, May 16th.  During my walk, I collected two bags of trash which consisted mostly of plastic bottles & cups, plastic wrappers, and kids' sand shovels.  Still no tracks to be found.....

week 3- Michelle find 6 beach towels in zone 0

Hi Ginger,

Today is May 16, 2012, and I walked Zone 0.  A stormy looking sky, but still a beautiful sunrise.

The following is what I collected:

-  1 Bud Light can
-  1 plastic water bottle
-  1 set of ear buds
-  1 red solo cup
-  1 sock (not a pair, just 1 sock)
-  1 large plastic toy shovel
-  1 flat bed sheet (queen or king?)
-  several tissues/paper towels
-  several tiny pieces of white plastic

Not counting the linens, I'd say there was 1 plastic (sorry Ginger) grocery bag of trash.

No sea turtle tracks, but hopeful.  Thank you for ALL of your work!!!

week 3 - John & Terri appreciate the rhythm of sea turtle season

     Terri and I made our first visit of the turtle season this morning.  The beach and the sunrise were beautiful but there were no turtle tracks to be seen.  Unfortunately, we did see and picked up the equivalent of about two Harris Teeter disposable plastic bags of trash.  Among the items were plastic and foam beach toys, cigarette butts, cigar filter, small pieces of lumber, a brick shard, plastic straws, one flip-flop, and plastic storage bags.
     The good news was that there was no big trash like umbrellas, broken chairs, etc. but that probably has more to do with the fact that we're still not in the heart of the beach season.  We did encounter two girls with a leashed dog.  I informed them about the prohibition on dogs on the beach and they indicated they were not aware of the law.
     At one point a familiar jogger from past years appeared reminding us of one of the rhythms we enjoy about the beach. 

John Littlejohn

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Week 2 Dick and Linda start early in zone 1

Walked today in the hope that a turtle munching on jelly fish might have decided to come in an lay some eggs.  No luck!  But Dick collected a bag of garbage.  Next week we will find the nest - I'm sure!!
        Linda Chapman

Nancy's last two days before foot patrol---an amusing read!!!

Hi Ginger,
Yesterday, the beach was a mess!  You could definitely tell it was the weekend.  I disposed of seven bags of trash, which included four balloons, and lots of cups, cans, bottles, sand shovels, and plastic wrappers.  In addition to that, I also found two chairs, a wad of fishing line,

 one towel, one styrofoam cooler with the lid & cans and wrappers scattered all around it, one set of keys, seven people sleeping, and one dog a-walkin'.  The chairs, towel, and cooler with scattered trash were all disposed of.  The people sleeping were reported to the police, and the dog with human in tow were reminded they should not be on the beach.  
The most bizarre sight of the day was a chair found at the south end.  It had been partially burned! 

 It had the long fishing line tied to it with two raw chicken legs attached.  Gross!! 

 I made sure the fishing line and chicken were buried in the trash can so the birds could not get to it, then I had to put the chair next to the can since it would not fit inside.  I was a bit perplexed at the use of raw chicken legs for fishing (Eeewwww!), but the consensus is the people that left this mess were likely crabbing.  
This morning, I collected four bags of trash including lots of cups, wrappers, sand shovels, and two balloons.  I also disposed of one towel and one broken  sand pail.
I have enjoyed my early morning rides during the last two weeks.  Along the way, I've marveled at sights of beauty and wonder, and at others not so much. 

The strangest discovery was a recliner I found on the beach near JM Pier last week.  Now that is relaxing at the beach!! 

 Though I tried and tried, I just could not fit it into one of the garbage cans.  :)  Someone managed to remove it from the strand, though, because it was gone the next day.  Geez!!!
That is it for patrolling via 4-wheeler and the volunteers begin foot patrols tomorrow.  I will miss my morning rides, and will be hoping for an early morning phone call about the discovery of tracks on the beach.  Here's to a nest very soon for Wrightsville Beach!
Best of luck out there, everyone!

May 11 & 12--In case you did not know, Nancy does not wear pink hats :-)

Hi Ginger,
Yesterday, May 11th, I collected 2 1/2 bags of litter from Wrightsville Beach.  This included five balloons, several styrofoam and plastic cups, plastic wrappers and cans.  Some of the lifeguard stands have yellow caution tape wrapped around them.  This tape is getting blown and torn down and I have cleaned the plastic tape off the beach for the past few days.  
In addition to the bags of trash, I disposed of two frisbees, two towels, and a wet suit top.  
Today, May 12th, the beach was more littered and I am already dreading tomorrow.  I filled three bags with trash which included another dirty diaper (Yay!), lots of cups, cans, and wrappers.  A lady was walking her dog on the north end very near the ropes of the bird sanctuary.  I reminded her that dogs were not allowed on the beach and that there would be a very fat fine if she was caught.  Mostly, I was worried she was too close to the birds with her dog and that she was causing a problem for the nesting parents.  She acted as though she did not know about the "no dogs allowed" rule, and prepared to leave the beach. Thank goodness!  
I also fished a chair and pink hat off the dunes on the south side of Station One and put them in the garbage cans.  There are several other chairs I think were left behind on the beach, so if they are still out there tomorrow, I will put them in the trash, as well.
Two days of riding left to go!!

May 10 Nancy finds a diaper

May 10th:  This morning, I removed 3 3/4 bags of trash from the beach.  My findings included a diaper, several cans, a visor, plastic wrappers, cups, bottles & lids, and five balloons.  Also placed in the trash cans were another large sheet of the black nylon/canvas material, a black zippered tote bag, and a gallon size plastic water bottle. 
Have a wonderful day!

May 9--Nancy finds condoms and dog poop on beach

May 9th:  Once again, there was quite a bit of trash to be found on WB this morning.  I collected four bags of trash, including a balloon, a pair of shoes, lots of plastic wrappers and cups, as well as a used condom and the empty wrapper.  Yuck!  (The condom was scooped off the sand with a plastic toy shovel also found on the beach this morning.)  A lady actually stopped me to report her sighting of this particularly disgusting item.  She then said, "People are pigs!"  Ya think??  :)
In addition to the four bags of trash, the following items were taken to the trash cans:  One blanket and the empty half gallon of vodka next to it.  Can you say OUCH???  One large glass bottle; sandy contents unknown, three beach chairs, one towel, one shirt, and 1 1/2 pairs of sandals, and a partridge in a pear tree!
On the south end, I found a very large hole/trench that had been dug up the side of the dune, under the roped off area, and into the bird sanctuary.  This was very upsetting, and I could only hope the thoughtless people that invaded the birds' refuge did not cause any harm or the abandonment of a newly laid nest.   Ugh!!  This was later reported to Lindsay Addison of Audubon so she could assess the damage to the dune and any potential disturbance of the nesting birds.
Just before leaving the beach, a visitor from Tennessee saw me collecting trash near JM Pier and had the following to say:  "It is horrible how people here just trash this beach!  I can not believe folks just get up and leave behind all this litter.  I have had to clean the beach of trash before finding a spot to place my beach chair in the sand. "  Oh my.  Is this really the impression we want to make on our visitors?   

My last observation of the morning involved a lady on the beach with a German Shephard that was doing his business in the dunes.  She must have been in an awful hurry 'cause she didn't even bother to pick up after her pooch.  Double yuck!!
Here's to a nest very soon for WB!

May 7 & 8 with Nancy--High Tide brings in wrack line and Nancy Faye Craig

May 7th:  The lunar high tides brought in a very thick line of wrack and lots of debris.  I collected four bags of random trash, one life jacket, two towels, and a few plastic gallon containers.  My booty for the day included four balloons.  Sadly, most of the trash I had observed on Sunday was likely washed out to sea.  
May 8th:  The tides were even higher last night, and there is a humungous line of wrack all along the shoreline, all harboring marine debris of all kinds. I collected four bags of trash, consisting of mostly plastic, plus three balloons. In addition to that, I found a plastic half gallon water bottle, a large piece of styrofoam, and two large pieces of nylon/canvas type material, plus half of a one gallon size plastic bottle. 
I had the pleasure of seeing volunteer extraordinaire, Nancy Faye Craig, near the Blockade Runner.  It sure was nice to see her smiling face as she jogged down the beach this morning!
That about sums it up, so far!


May 6 with Nancy, Chinese Lanterns and the question: "Is someone nude?"

May 6th:  This was not the greatest of mornings, in more ways than one.  For starters, I found a very sick shorebird on the north end.  He didn't fly away as I approached, and on my way south, I noticed he was still in the exact same spot.  I got off the 4-wheeler and approached the little bird.  He tried to fly, but was too weak to make much progress.  Without much effort, I was able to lift him from the sand.  Tucking him under my arm, I headed toward Mallard St., where I park the trailer.  I have a box in the vehicle for just this type of situation.  Making sure the vehicle was well ventilated, I left the bird there to rest while I monitored the south end of the island.

The beach was totally trashed!!  I was completely distressed at the amount of litter left behind on the shoreline and at the over flowing trash cans all along the strand.  Even if visitors wanted to discard their trash in the cans, it would not have been possible.  It was completely overwhelming and horrible!  I collected four bags of random trash including four balloons, and one beach chair.  

At the Oceanic, I found numerous Chinese Lanterns, all left behind in the sand.  A cardboard box holding the extra bags and lots of candles was left sitting on the beach grass nearby.  Our new friend Roger was on the beach and once again helped me to clean up this awful mess.  All of the debris was placed in the trash cans.  Roger also handed me the keys I had found along with the pair of pants yesterday.  Oh boy!

Chinese Lanterns littered on the beach.

Next to the Oceanic, I also found a canopy frame (I like to call them skeletons).  According to the WB ordinance, these items should not be left on the beach overnight.   The discovery was called into the NH Co. dispatch center so that the item could be tagged and removed ASAP.

On my way off the beach, I found a hat, wallet, and another set of keys on a bench at Access #11.  Geez!!  The PD is closed on Sunday, but I called NH Co. Dispatch and made arrangements to meet an officer at the door of the building so I could hand over both sets of keys and other items.  This gave me a chance to ask the officer if anyone had been found wandering around nude and drunk on Friday night or Saturday morning.  He just looked at me like I was nuts and shook his head no!  Haha!

I took the small gull to Amelia Mason (the bird rehabber) for care.  She said she thought he was perhaps an immature gull.  Hopefully he is hanging in there!


Cinco de Mayo with Nancy, Roger and a Rubber Duck!

Hi Ginger,
Here is the latest news coming from Wrightsville Beach:
Cinco de Mayo:  I collected three grocery store sized bags of random trash, once again, mostly plastic wrappers and containers, and three balloons.  On the north side of CYC, I found an empty beer box and thirteen empty cans.  Along with the trash, was a shirt and pair of rainbow flip-flops.  The cans were placed in the recycling and the shirt and shoes left by the trash can.  I met a gentleman at the site named Roger that helped me to clean the beach.  He was so upset that someone would leave such a mess on our beautiful shore.  A short distance past the cans, I found a pair of pants and a set of keys on a lanyard.  I placed these items next to a trash can, as well.  At that point, I began to wonder if someone had been arrested on the beach intoxicated and nude!  (The next day, I was given the chance to ask....more on that later.)
The good news is that there are others out there helping to KIC.  I had noticed several styrofoam cups and wrappers near JM Pier that I planned to pick up on my return trip up the beach.   However, when I arrived back at the pier, the litter was gone!  Apparently, some kind soul had already beat me to it~~thank you, thank you, thank you!
The most interesting find of the day was a little yellow rubber ducky.  I noticed it at the tide line just north of JM Pier.  I couldn't resist the photo op of this dated marine debris.  Obviously this little ducky was launched with a romantic notion that it would sail the vast blue sea to distant shores far, far away.  Sadly, in reality, this was just another piece of plastic trash discarded into our precious ocean; thankfully spit back out of the surf onto WB only one day later.   What are people thinking of....really?? 
Have a great weekend!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Week 3-- Susan Miller in zone 3

 Friday, May 18, zone 3

Well, to be honest, today was not quite what I was hoping for for my first litter clean up of the summer 2012 season. The sky was uniformly gray and it drizzled on and off throughout my whole walk. It was quite windy and chilly. All in all though, I am reminded that I am fortunate to spend time at the ocean at any time, regardless of the weather!

Because the weather has been somewhat dreary for the last couple of days, there wasn't too terribly much litter to pick up this morning. I collected about 1/4 of my reusable bag (equal to one plastic grocery bag) of assorted small bits of litter, consisting mostly of plastic snack wrappers such as Lance snack crackers, plastic utensils, plastic sand toys, beer bottle caps, cigarette butts, plastic straws, and plastic bottle caps. I also found 2 stray flip flops (not a pair) and one opened but unused condom.

There was a rather steep escarpment throughout most of my zone this morning, and just a few other walkers and joggers who were braving the gloomy weather. The coolest thing I happened to see was this little house that someone built right at the shoreline, just past beach access #32. It was made completely of natural materials, so I left it as it was. Very cute!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Welcome to Sea Turtle Nesting Season 2012 (Days 1-4) with Nancy Fahey

Hi All,

I am so excited to get the nesting season started this year.  I just feel so good and positive and ecstatic about it.  One reason is because I have come to realize how many friends and experiences the sea turtles have brought to me and I am just feeling so grateful this year.

Like always, our Great WB Sea Turtle Leader, Nancy Fahey will be monitoring for nests for the first two weeks of May.  And, like always, Nancy is stopping to pick up trash on the beach strand.  She really "walks the walk".  Below are her reports for the first 4 days.

Thank you Nancy for including such wonderful information and pictures about the birds.  Too bad we are continuing to find so many balloons.  As we all know, balloons are particularly threatening to sea turtles b/c they often mistake them for food.  Once the turtle ingest balloons, they can become sick and may even starve as the balloon, or any foreign object for that matter, can make the sea turtle feel satiated and therefore will not eat.

One day while volunteering at the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Hospital (STH), I was helping treat Riptide, a very sick Green Sea Turtle.  While I was holding Riptide in my lap for his bath, he pooped a piece of red latex balloon!  There have also been other turtles that have pooped balloons at the STH. has other photos of necropsies done on sea turtles in which balloon remnants have been found.

Balloons being released into the air may seem like an innocent educational lesson about the properties of helium, but it actually produces deadly litter for many wildlife.  Not only do animals such as turtles, birds and others ingest the balloons, but they also become entangled in the string and often die as a result. 

Please be responsible and dispose of balloons properly instead of releasing them.  OR, better yet, do not buy them at all as they will only end up in the landfill and that trash often ends up in our environment.

Did you know that WB voted to ban balloons a couple of years ago, but that vote got reversed?  However, they did vote to specifically include "releasing of balloons" in their litter ordinance.  WB ordinances also prevents balloons from being used on signs and decorations.

Day 1 From Nancy
Hi Ginger,

What a beeeeeautiful morning on the beach!!    After taking a moment to joyously watch the first sunrise of the season, 

I glanced down to catch of glimpse of something a tad bit sobering:  the first balloon of the season.  Ugh!!
I collected eight busted balloons & strings, a large clear plastic raft, and a grocery store size bag of random trash.

The highlight of the morning, aside from the sunrise, was a tour of the bird sanctuary on the south end.  I spotted Lindsay Addison of Audubon and stopped to say hello.  She generously offered to take me through the sanctuary to survey the nests.  How amazing was that??  I also got to see turtlers Jill and Joan already walking Zone 4.  Yay!!

In the sanctuary, these incredibly camouflaged eggs were laid by the smallish Least Terns.  They simply scrape a depression in the sand, and deposit the eggs.  It is truly a wonder any survive!!  Without protection of the nesting areas, there would be no hope of hatching success for these shorebirds, without a doubt. Word to the wise: some of these Terns laid their eggs outside of the roped off area!  :(  They are going to move the ropes out, a bit, to try to protect most of them, but everyone should be very careful when walking in the soft sand near the ropes.  They are nearly impossible to see!! (Some kind folks, as you will notice, encircled some of the vulnerable nests with shells in an effort to protect them.)  I do hope their little eggs are not crushed!

Stay tuned for more news from the beach!

Day 2 From Nancy:
Hi Ginger,

Another gorgeous sunrise over Wrightsville Beach this morning!  I ride to the north end first, just so I can get a birds' eye view of the splendor created by the sun rising over the Atlantic.

The beach was nice and clean this morning, relatively speaking.  I found:  5 balloons and string, and collected one random bag of trash, all of which were plastic wrappers and containers.  I saw a few chairs which I suspected were abandoned, however, just to make sure, I will check again tomorrow.  If they are still on the beach, I will drag them to the trash cans.

Interestingly, one of the balloons was a "Strawberry Shortcake" balloon and on it was written Olivia Brooks.  All of them were north of JM Pier.  I have to wonder if they are being released from the beach.

That is about it for today!

Day 3 From Nancy:
Greetings Ginger,

The beach wasn't quite so clean today, and I collected 2 1/2 grocery store size bags of trash, plus a large sand pail.  Once again, the litter was mostly plastic containers and wrappers.  The most offending items included:

1 nylon mesh bag (The type beach toys are packaged in~I hate these bags; they are a death trap for wildlife!)

2 wads of fishing line

17 (yes that is SEVENTEEN) balloons!  These were small lime green water balloons, mostly busted, with two water filled ones also found on the beach.  They were all between the Oceanic and Stand #13/Access 40.  I'm sure I did not find all of the balloons, and no telling how many ended up in the water.  Just when I thought I was going to enjoy a balloon-free day, wham!!  That certainly busted my bubble!

Hope you have a great day!

Day 4 From Nancy:
Hi Ginger,

I collected about three bags of trash this morning, including a large glass wine bottle and NINE busted balloons.  Yup, you guessed it: they were light green and had washed up between the Oceanic and Access #40.  I also put one abandoned beach chair in the trash cans.

Sure hope we find some turtle tracks on WB soon!

I almost forgot, but I also picked up one styrofoam cooler & lid along with five empty beer cans from under JM Pier!