Monday, August 15, 2016

Sea Turtle Olympics!

August 15, 2016

WB has had 15 sea turtle nests thus far this year; and we have been on the beach almost every night for the past month.  We are preparing nest sites, sitting with nests, running in between nests, excavating nests and we still have more to go!  If we are not on the the beach at night, we are calling or texting fellow volunteers, worried that we should be on the beach!

WE ARE HAVING SEA TURTLE OLYMPICS PEOPLE because there is no time to watch the games that are happening in Rio if you are a WBSTP volunteer!!!!  :-)

So, I am putting two weeks worth of trash in today's blog.

Here is the tally for two weeks:

19 cig butts
57 food wrappers
18 plastic bottle caps
5 metal bottle caps
11 straws
3 plastic cutlery
2 foam pieces
1 piece of sea glass

5 plastic pieces
7 plastic bottles
10 glass bottles (corona beer bottles buried in the sand, unearthed by John)
2 aluminum cans
5 plastic bags
6 paper cups
5 plastic cups
2 reusable plastic cups
Love that you are using "reusable", but when left on the beach, it is still litter.

3 foam cups
22 pieces of packaging
2 zip ties
1 condom package
9 articles of clothing
2 towels
30 toys
21 pieces of paper
2 bandaids
1 surf wax
1 hair tie
3 wet ones
1 dryer sheet

Let the Games Continue!

Peace and Clean Oceans,

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Inspired by the Sea

August 1, 2016

I wonder how many of you have felt inspired by the ocean.  If so, what were you inspired to do, be, think, say, sing, dance, play, love?

The ocean is alive and powerful and peaceful and angry and dark and light and beautiful and ominous.  It whispers and it shouts.  Yet, she is vulnerable and needs protection. I am inspired to help protect her.

So, every Monday morning from May 15 to August 31, I set out to search for sea turtle tracks and to then clean the beach.

During our walk today, we saw friends, who also cleaned the beach and helped add to our bags. "Many hands make light work".  Our friends were inspired to help.

Here is what we collected today:

14 cig butts
2 cigars
1 plastic cigar tip
2 cigarette packaging materials
58 food wrappers
11 plastic bottle caps
13 various plastic lids
21 straws (1 of which was paper)
8 pieces of cutlery (2 unopened packs complete with salt, pepper, napkin all in a plastic sleeve)

1 long piece of rope
1 piece of painter's tape
11 pieces of fireworks
5 random foam pieces
4 random plastic pieces
3 plastic beverage bottles
1 glass beer bottle
7 aluminum cans
1 grocery bag
7 other types of plastic bags
(I can think of several other warnings that could be printed on this bag including danger to the environment and wildlife.)

5 foam cups
28 pieces of packaging materials, both foam and plastic
1 reusable plastic bottle with lid
3 zip ties
1 fabric Velcro strap
1 tampon-----yuck yuck yuck (found behind a dune line???)
3 shoes
12 toys or toy pieces
25 pieces of paper including napkins and receipts and 1 WBSTP postcard  :-(
3 hair ties
1 hair bow
1 pair of swim goggles
1 pair of cheap sunglasses
1 nylon bag of metal tent stakes
1 band aid
3 wet ones

I also collected one artist paint brush.  I find this interesting as this is the third artist paint related item that I have collected this year.  I have never found these types of items in the years past.
I question why  I am finding these items this year; the year I made a "resolution" to take art classes and have enrolled in such?  Maybe it is just a coincidence; but Ocean, I am inspired!

Peace and Clean Oceans,