Saturday, April 19, 2014

2014 International Sea Turtle Symposium--New Orleans

Hello KICers!

I just returned from the International Sea Turtle Symposium in New Orleans.  I was told that 72 countries were represented at this symposium.  Isn't that amazing?

As you know, we worked hard last year to collaborate with Ocean Conservancy in an effort to continue education about marine debris, litter and sea turtles.  I was so very excited to see the posters that Ocean Conservancy had displayed featuring WBSTP and YOU--WB Keep It Clean volunteers!  You are awesome! 

Other beaches have now committed to provide information to Ocean Conservancy as a result of our initial efforts.  In time, this data will perhaps lead to benefits for Wrightsville Beach and other beach communities.

This is Megan.  She won an award for her work in researching by- catch in the floundering industry.  She was among the first group of interns that I worked with at the Sea Turtle Hospital several years ago.  So proud of her.

This is Brie.  Another intern from the Sea Turtle Hospital.  She is volunteering at the symposium---so glad to see her again.
KIC volunteers at the Mighty Mississippi.  John, Michelle, Nancy, Sarah.

Turtle Momma!  Nawlins' style!

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