Monday, August 15, 2016

Sea Turtle Olympics!

August 15, 2016

WB has had 15 sea turtle nests thus far this year; and we have been on the beach almost every night for the past month.  We are preparing nest sites, sitting with nests, running in between nests, excavating nests and we still have more to go!  If we are not on the the beach at night, we are calling or texting fellow volunteers, worried that we should be on the beach!

WE ARE HAVING SEA TURTLE OLYMPICS PEOPLE because there is no time to watch the games that are happening in Rio if you are a WBSTP volunteer!!!!  :-)

So, I am putting two weeks worth of trash in today's blog.

Here is the tally for two weeks:

19 cig butts
57 food wrappers
18 plastic bottle caps
5 metal bottle caps
11 straws
3 plastic cutlery
2 foam pieces
1 piece of sea glass

5 plastic pieces
7 plastic bottles
10 glass bottles (corona beer bottles buried in the sand, unearthed by John)
2 aluminum cans
5 plastic bags
6 paper cups
5 plastic cups
2 reusable plastic cups
Love that you are using "reusable", but when left on the beach, it is still litter.

3 foam cups
22 pieces of packaging
2 zip ties
1 condom package
9 articles of clothing
2 towels
30 toys
21 pieces of paper
2 bandaids
1 surf wax
1 hair tie
3 wet ones
1 dryer sheet

Let the Games Continue!

Peace and Clean Oceans,


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  3. Hi! I am so impressed with your clean up efforts. I need some plastic bag stats, the plastic bag ban on the Outer Banks may be revoked. I know it's last minute, tomorrow the senate bill (S434) is under review by the NC General Assembly, and time is of the essence. I represent Keep New Hanover Beautiful, our cleanup efforts have not recorded individual litter types like yours have. Do you possibly have a total number of plastic bags collected for 2015 and 2016? Thus far I have been able to find stats on your blog 2012-2014. The Surfrider Foundation reached out to me. Thanks for your time. The best way to reach me is


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