Sunday, May 19, 2013

Nancy Fahey Kicks off the KIC Season!

Nancy Fahey, WB Sea Turtle Project Coordinator,  kicked off the sea turtle nesting season, the KIC clean up season and her birthday all in one day on May 1, 2013.  Happy Birthday Nancy!

Although KIC volunteers work really hard to keep the beach clean of trash during the nesting season, Nancy pretty much does this on her own from May 1 - May 14th.  While riding her ATV, she stopped and collected over 26.5 bags of trash along the shore.

Here is a summary of her finds:
7 pieces of construction material including flagging tape
1 beach umbrella in the bag
11 balloons, some with strings attached
24 plastic bottles
22 plastic cups (including styrofoam b/c that is one of the worse kinds of plastic)
21 flip flops (some matching, some not)
22 toys
7 ziplock bags
2 diapers
28 cigarette butts (including 1 unsmoked pack)
8 articles of clothing (including sock pairs and boxers)
6 plastic bags (boo---let's get a bag ban or bag fee to reduce this product)
3 plastic lids
40+ aluminum cans (23+ in one day)
10 broken beach chairs
6 straws
7 glass bottles
3 bottle caps
8 shoes (some matching, some not)
9 tobacco related debris
7 fishing related debris (including 2 big wads of monofilament line)
1 purse with wallet and mobile phone which she turned into WBPD.
2 goggles
8 towels (plus 30 more left at Holiday Inn which an employee came to gather and took a picture to show the manager)
3 boogie boards

Thank you Nancy.
Come visit our beach mother sea turtles!

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