Friday, May 23, 2014

Our first walk for 2014

I don't know many people who look forward to Monday mornings.  What about getting up at 5:15 AM on Monday morning?  But….when it is your first walk to look for sea turtle nests, you have an excited anticipation!

John and I did not find a nest, but we did get to enjoy a beautiful sunrise and that never gets old!

Unfortunately, we were greeted by a big dredge pipe this year, which gives the beach quite a different feel.  The interface of heavy equipment and serene nature almost feels eerie.  We hope the dredging will be complete soon so that our beautiful beach can be a peaceful place for a nesting sea turtle.

Given that we have had a chilly start to spring, we did not expect to find as much trash as we did, but were glad that we could leave the beach better than we found it.  We hope others will do the same.  :-)

The animals (all rescues) also anticipate the beginning of KIC season!
Gigi relaxing in the shade on a blanket we collected from the beach years ago.  She is hoping for a ball in the trash finds.

This is Kahuna's first trash season and he does not know what to think!  He is an awesome cat who is up for adoption.

Sasha and Ringo Starr observe the trash sorting from inside.  They are finding the tree frog much more interesting than the trash.

Our trash today consisted of:
12 cigarette butts (so few thanks to the ordinance)
16 food wrappers or pieces of food wrappers
11 plastic bottle caps
3 metal bottle caps
21 straws/stirrers
2 plastic cutlery
1 long piece of rope and 14 pieces of a shredded rope
1 balloon piece
1 plastic cigar tip
4 pieces of burlap (part of the dredging operation)
2 fireworks
6 unidentifiable foam pieces
16 unidentifiable plastic pieces
6 plastic bottles
7 glass bottles
9 aluminum cans
2 plastic grocery bags
4 "other" plastic bags
4 plastic cups
3 foam cups
1 condom-yuck
3 articles of clothing
1 broken sunglasses
8 toys

28 zip ties (maybe that is part of the dredging operation as well?  mostly found along the pipe)

2 chap sticks
bag of metal stakes
1 hair tie
6 mismatched flip flops (mostly good brands too!  one even had a bottle opener on the bottom!)


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