Thursday, June 26, 2014

"Many hands make light work."

June 23, 2014

John and I were pleasantly surprised this morning in zone 4.  We only picked up the equivalent of 1 bag each.  That is pretty much unheard of for us on Monday mornings in zone 4, especially since the weekend was so nice!

Later in the day, one of John's friends told him that he and his wife had gone to the beach on Sunday evening and cleaned up in our zone!  Ha!  Now, we know!  But hey, we will take a clean beach any way we can get it!  Thanks friends for your helping hands!  My friend, Bonnie Monteleone says:  "many hands make light work".

Here is what we collected:

2 very large deflated plastic floats at the water's edge.  John took them to the trash.
22 cig butts
39 food wrappers
15 plastic bottle caps
1 metal bottle cap
6 plastic lids
16 straws/stirrers
7 pieces of red wax from mini Babel cheese
2 plastic bottles
1 suntan bottle
2 aluminum cans
2 ziplock bags
1 grocery bag
3 plastic cups
1 piece of plastic fishing lure
1 orange balloon
1 cigarette lighter
1 cigarette plastic packaging
9 construction pieces (7 zip ties, 1 orange netting and 1 yellow caution tape)

2 fireworks
7 foam pieces
26 plastic pieces
27 paper pieces
1 plastic packaging
3 pieces of strapping bands
2 articles of clothing
Hppiness is a clean beach.

1 small microfiber towel
4 toys or pieces of toys
sand pail handle left on beach

1 chapstick
3 bandaids
1 braided hair extension
Kahuna plays with hair extension.  He is up for adoption.

2 gift ribbons
4 pieces of rope
2 swim goggles
1 snorkel
1 silica gel pack
1 red crayon

Even though, it seemed we did not get a lot of trash, it was still 221 pieces of trash.
Gigi and Kahuna patiently waiting for the trash sorting to begin.

Kahuna loves to roll on the smelly trash bags once the trash has been dumped from them.

Gigi bored with the sorting and ready to go inside.

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