Sunday, June 29, 2014

Small amounts of litter in zone 0

Friday, June 20

June 20 in zone 0 was an utterly picture-perfect day. Pelicans, gray herons and egrets all flew about, fishing for their breakfasts while crabs skittered toward the tide line. Beautiful.

 As I walked further north toward the end of the inlet, I felt really shocked by the state of the beach. With a combination of the low tide and the new sand from the recent renourishment project, there was a huge expanse of sand to walk on. These photos below were taken as I walked out toward the ocean and turned around to look at the beach strand. That is Shell Island Resort in the distance.

I thought that the expanse of beach would reveal a large amount of litter, but it really didn't. In fact, I found a pretty impressively small amount of garbage. My litter total for the day included:

-1 zip tie
-1 broken pair of sunglasses
-1 lighter
-1 straw
-2 bar admittance bracelets
-1 pair earplugs
-4 hair ties
-1 granola bar wrapper
-2 paper towels
-1 water bottle
-1 kitchen towel
-3 plastic bags
-1 ziplock bag
-1 pair goggles
-1 plastic bait lid
-1 plastic toy Indian
-2 cigarette butts

Friday, June 27

My husband Jeff joined me for early-morning trash pickup on June 27. We were both impressed by the glorious and very photogenic sunrise.

There was an unusually large amount of action on the beach for 6 a.m., including many paddle boarders, people illegally walking dogs, and lots of evidence of bird and crab activity. I also noticed that the north end nesting sea bird sanctuary is clearly marked and roped off for the first time this year, so I was relieved and happy to see that.

 My litter total for the day included:

-1 shoe
- 1 plastic cup
- 1 plastic water bottle
- 2 straws
- 4 cigarette butts
- 1 Yoo hoo box
- 1 headband
- 4 plastic food/snack wrappers
- 2 plastic bottle caps
-1 Lifesaver candy in plastic



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