Monday, August 11, 2014

In summer, the song sings itself. ~William Carlos Williams

Friday, July 25

Ginger recently wrote that when she is by the sea, she wishes time would slow down. I read this and thought, yes, that is exactly how I feel! Walking on the beach during sunrise on Friday mornings is one of the best moments of my week. I always wish that time would move just a little bit slower so that I could savor those moments.

The morning of Friday, July 25 was one of those amazing, rapidly changing mornings of weather. I arrived at the beach to this beautiful sunrise, but as mere minutes passed, thick fog (picured here in the distance behind the oystercatchers) rolled in over the beach. By the time I left, about one hour later, the sky was completely gray and the beach was blanketed in clouds and fog.

Most of the litter I picked up was right at the tide line. Some of it, like this broken boogie board, had obviously already spent some time out at sea.

My litter total for the day included:
- 1 styrofoam takeout container (found in two halves in two different places on the beach)
- 1 plastic bait container with lid
- 1 plastic water bottle
- 1 shoe (that my dog was interested in; you can see his nose in the upper left corner)
- 1 chunk of polystyrene
- 1 Capri Sun pouch
- 2 plastic shovels
- 1 can
- 3 straws
- 1 plastic bucket
- 7 cigarette butts
- 1 pair of underwear
- 1 boogie board
- an assortment of small paper and plastic scraps at the bottom of my bag

Friday, August 1

This photo is the only evidence I have of my time at the beach on Friday, August 1. The fiercely blowing wind and rain forced me to walk quickly through my zone, mostly keeping my head down. I did pick up trash that was in my path-- but no litter count today!

Friday, August 8

Fortunately, the following week brought improved conditions. (Although it sure has been awfully rainy lately, hasn't it? I might grow gills.) The sky was mostly covered in clouds, but the sun peeked through at about 7 a.m. 

It was cool enough that I wore a sweatshirt (in August??) as I watched these black skimmers take a little morning dip in the inlet.

My litter total for the day included:
-3 plastic water bottles
- 2 plastic cups
- 3 empty cans
- 1 full beer can
- 1 cookie box
- 1 cigarette box
- 4 cigarette butts
- 1 plastic bag
- 1 cigar package
- 1 underwear waistband (?)
- an assortment of small plastic and paper scraps in the bottom of my bag


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