Sunday, August 17, 2014

Super Moon, Plastic Bottles, & Fireworks!

August 11, 2014

Since it had rained much of the weekend, we thought there would not be much trash.  Man, were we wrong!

We were lucky enough to have another Super Moon and the high tide line had almost reached the dunes on part of the walk.  Sadly, I plucked much of the trash right out of the surf.

There was quite a bit of sargassum that had washed in on the beach and it seemed to have brought plastic bottles with it!  Some of the bottles had barnacles on them, so I knew they had been at sea for a little while.   This concerned me because sargassum is exactly where loggerhead hatchlings hang out; and if plastic is in the sargassum, that means the hatchlings and the plastic are hanging out together---not a good combination.

Today we collected 21 plastic bottles!  Please remember that we are monitoring less than one mile of beach and we collected 21 plastic bottles!

Remember, everything flows down stream towards the ocean.  When items enter the storm drains, they will likely end up in the ocean.
Storm Drain on Pavilion Drive (near Sweet and Savory and Fibbers)

No matter where you live, reducing your disposable plastic consumption will really help the seas.

Our planet is beautiful!  Please Keep It Clean!

Trash we collected today included:
14 cigarette butts
29 food wrappers
16 plastic bottle caps
1 metal bottle cap
8 plastic lids
25 straws/stirrers
2 plastic cutlery
21 plastic bottles including 1 laundry detergent bottle
1 glass bottle
2 aluminum cans

1 plastic grocery bag
4 other plastic bags
2 plastic cups
1 foam plate
4 balloons (2 mylar and 2 latex)
1 butane lighter
3 pieces of construction material
73 fireworks!

1 plastic fishing lure piece
26 plastic/foam packaging pieces
2 strapping bands
1 chewing tobacco can
1 ink pen
1 shirt
1 kids underwear
4 toys
2 bandaids
3 hair ties
2 plastic tent stakes
3 zip ties
2 chap sticks
1 baby wipe
13 plastic pieces
8 foam pieces (2 were very large with barnacles and long sea moss attached)

We did see a beach bunny.  The last time we saw a beach bunny, it also happened to be during the Super Moon!

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