Sunday, September 21, 2014

Beach Sweep with Friends School of Wilmington

August 28th and 29th

KIC was honored to talk to the students at Friends School of Wilmington about the importance of taking care of our coastal environment.  The kids were so brilliant with their comments and questions and so full of compassion for our planet.  As KIC volunteer, Celia Jones would say, "The kids are Alright!"  

Students were amazed at the number of cigarette butts found littered on the beach and was surprised to hear that WB actually has a smoking ban.  Their young minds wondered why people would smoke on the beach when they are not allowed to do so.

These kids are rock stars and they will change the world!

In conversation with their music teacher, Sarah Howard---the experience of counting and sorting trash has been eye opening as to how much litter is actually on the beach.  Ms. Howard now has the fire to continue this effort and the kids will continue beach cleanups through October.  Ms. Howard is "Alright" too!

        KIC volunteer, Ginger Taylor with FSOW teacher, Sarah Howard and her awesome kids!

Here is the list of debris the kids removed from our shores:

Wrightsville Beach Cleanup
Friends School of Wilmington
August 28th & 29th
Zone 5 & 3

1. Bottle caps – 130
2. Cigarettes – 600
3. Balloons, rubber items – 11
4. Hard Plastic Items (kids toys, combs, zip ties) – 22
5. Straws – 50
6. Hair ties – 16
7. Styrofoam – 24
8. Plastic Utensils – 16
9. Rope/String – 19
10. Fishing Line – 18 pieces
11. Wood Remnants - 22
12. Water/Beer/Wine bottles – 9
13. Pieces of Glass – 11
14. Food Remnants – 22
15. Clothing (shirts, a shoe, towel) – 4
16. Paper items (wrappers, bags, fireworks) – 83
17. Bandages – 15
18. Plastic Debris (straw covers, plastic bags, random plastic objects) – 300
19. Metal objects (beer caps, nails, wire) - 9

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