Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Last walk of the season, but definitely not the last walk.

 August 25, 2014--zone 4

This is the last Monday that we will be patrolling the beach by foot in search of sea turtle nests.  It is bittersweet.  It is not easy to get up early every Monday morning and then come home to sort trash and then go to work.  But the sunrise and the salt air and the ocean speaking is always worth it.

It has been rainy of late, in fact it has rained for much of August; and we did not have a lot of trash today.  We did; however, spot an alligator!

Other finds included:
8 butts
32 food wrappers
33 bottle caps
12 plastic lids
5 straws/stirrers
1 plastic spoon
1 fishing buoy
1 rope
1 cigar tip
9 fireworks
4 plastic bottles                                            
2 cans
3 ziploc bags
1 plastic cup
2 foam cups
1 unopened condom
1 shoe
7 toys
2 bandaids
1 battery
1 silica gel pack
1 wine cork

Kahuna did not find the alligator quite so amusing.

Gigi enjoyed yet another tennis ball.

Foxy observed from her post on the steps.

Ringo was happy to have Gigi's bed all to himself while everyone else was outside sorting trash.
Peace and Clean Oceans.

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