Sunday, August 23, 2015

Teeth and the Beach

Monday, August 17, 2015---Zone 4

People are always in search of sharks' teeth when they visit the beach.  I don't usually find these at Wrightsville.

I do;  however,  find evidence that people are concerned about their own teeth----I find at least one plastic dental flosser every week.  I hate these items because I find them to be so unnecessary and they are a single use disposable plastic that is  littering our environment.

But it is not the dental flossers that gave rise to the title of this post.  This week, when I was sorting the trash, I found that John had picked up a retainer.  Yuck!  There is just something so gross about touching a retainer that belongs to someone else.  I didn't want to handle it!  I'm sure the owner did not want to lose it either.  It looked a little "worse for the wear" as it was very yellowed with some black that did not wash away with the water hose.

Here is what was in our litter bags today:

40 cigarette butts
71 food wrappers
10 plastic bottle caps
1 metal bottle cap
5 various lids
26 straws/stirrers
3 pieces of plastic cutlery
5 plastic bottles 2 glass bottles
3 aluminum cans
4 ziploc bags
7 plastic cups
1 foam cup
32 packaging pieces
2 strapping bands
2 tobacco packaging

A few of the items we found.

1 cigar tip
3 fireworks
3 foam pieces
15 plastic pieces
21 paper pieces
6 articles of clothing
1 towel
11 toys

2 various strings
2 dental flossers
1 plastic dental retainer
1 cotton ball
4 bandaids
1 surf wax
1 bread tie
3 silica gel packs
2 dryer sheets
3 wet ones
2 artificial flower petals
1 ink pen
2 hair ties

Please keep our beaches clean.   Do a clean up wherever you are.  Everything goes downstream into the ocean.  If you clean up in the middle of the country, you are helping to protect our oceans.
Parking lot at Access 3.
Peace and Clean Oceans,

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