Friday, August 28, 2015

We found Rick!

Monday, August 24th zone 4

John and I are almost done with the KIC season.  We have one Monday morning walk after today.  At the beginning of the season, my first post talked about a return to familiar patterns and seeing some of the same people on the beach.  We saw the man who lifts weights, we saw our friends who bike and run on the beach, but we have wondered about Rick.  Rick is someone that I wrote a post about last year.  We would see him every Monday morning picking up trash.  Well……finally…, we saw Rick!  He has been busy this summer and has missed the beach.  He said he was so glad he came out since we are almost finished with our season.  The funny thing is….I saw Rick again this week in the grocery store.  Twice in one week!!!!  I asked how his day had been and with his usual smile and southern ease, he said:  "Great.  You know why?  Because every morning I wake up and say this is going to be a great day!".  It was great to see you Rick.  And, thanks for the life lesson:  "This is going to be a great day!"
Rick and John in 2014

Monday was indeed a beautiful day on the beach.  The weather seemed to be just perfect and the sky greeted us with a gorgeous wash of pinks and oranges as we walked across the dunes.

As you can see from the photos, we live in paradise!  Please Keep It Clean (KIC).

We found the following items in our litter bags today:

49 cigarette butts (Rick picked up a lot of cigarette butts too, but those were in his bag and not included in this count)
Foxy Cat surveys the trash from the left.
67 food wrappers
1 foam take out container
14 plastic bottle caps
3 metal bottle caps
6 plastic lids
25 straws/stirrers
4 pieces of plastic cutlery
3 plastic beverage bottles
1 plastic grocery bag
1 ziploc bag
1 paper cup
7 plastic cups
27 pieces of packaging
1 cigar wrapper
1 piece of painters tape
1 piece of duct tape
2 fireworks debris
1 panty liner (yuck)
Foxy Cat surveys the trash from the right.
4 articles of clothing
13 toys
1 towel
10 foam pieces
12 plastic pieces
17 paper pieces
5 plastic zipties
2 artificial flower petals (I find these every week near oceanic pier)
1 pair of cheap sunglasses
3 bandaids
1 q tip
1 nicotine gum blister pack
1 wet one
8 various pieces of rope or string
1 hair clip
8 hair ties
4 rubber bands

Our beach is beautiful, please don't leave your trash hanging around!

Peace and Clean Oceans,

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