Monday, May 23, 2016

Beginning of KIC Season 2016

KIC Season starts at the same time the sea turtles start returning to our coast to nest!  That makes me excited!  And although the trash is an irritant--I do it for the sea turtles, I do it for the whales, I do it for the dolphins, I do it for the birds, I do it for me and I do it for YOU.  I don't mind so much because I owe a lot to Mother Ocean and picking up trash is the least I can do.

John and I have been walking our zone for two weeks thus far (on Mondays).  It has been a wee bit chilly, but the trash has not been so bad (yet).  As usual, the sunrises have been Amazing!

We love returning to our patterns on the beach, such as running into good friends year after year and  the return of the American Oystercatchers.
John and Ralph talk early morning story.

American Oystercatcher if I identified correctly.  :-)
Here is what we collected in our reusable trash bags for the past two weeks:
One of our rescue cats, Ringo Starr is suspicious of all this trash sorting.

19 cigarette butts---WB is a non-smoking beach
40 food wrappers
13 plastic bottle caps
4 plastic lids
12 straws
2 cigar tips
1 firework (already???)
11 plastic pieces
9 plastic bottles
1 glass wine bottle
3 aluminum cans
2 plastic grocery bags

2 Ziploc bags
1 foam cup
7 pieces of plastic packaging
4 strapping bands
3 tobacco packaging
1 pantie liner (YUCK!)
8 articles of clothing
1 towel
14 toys or toy pieces
1 credit card knife (who carries this???  I didn't even know this existed.) 

 9 pieces of ripped tshirt fabric
1 pacifier
5 paper towels
3 wet ones
3 plastic tent stakes with very long ropes attached
1 hair tie
1 pair of scratched sunglasses with leash
1 pair of broken sunglasses

John almost missed the man sleeping in the hammock.  Look closely, at one point the ocean was underneath him--how relaxing!

Keep It Clean Y'all!
Peace and Clean Oceans,

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