Monday, July 4, 2016

Independance Day 2016

July 4, 2016

I celebrate July 4th.  It is a great patriotic holiday for US citizens.  But…. as a KIC and sea turtle patrol volunteer, I dread parts of it.

Why?  Human Trash.

Plastic Pollution is wrecking havoc on our oceans and our planet.  Guess what?  It is OUR--YOURS and MINE- responsibility to clean it up.

The animals did not create plastic, they do not use plastic, they do not litter plastic, and they can't clean it up.  Only humans create, use and litter plastic and only humans can clean it up.

If you want to see less plastic litter, start by using less.  If you want some tips, here they are:

1. bring your own refillable cup and/or bottle
2. bring your own reusable bag
3. bring your own cutlery
4. say "no straw please"
5. buy in bulk
6. request no plastic at the dry cleaners
7. bring your own to-go containers or ask for food to be wrapped in foil instead

But, no day is bad when you are at the beach!  Today, we found a false crawl.  The turtle did not nest, but finding tracks is always exciting.

Due to the excitement of sea turtle activity on the beach this morning, I did not get many photos and we did not even pick up all the trash in our zone, but here is what we did get:

(343 pieces total)
19 cigarette butts (a poor representation of the butts that were there)
74 food wrappers, including plastic sippy straw wrappers/sleeves! (yikes)
17 plastic bottle caps
2 metal bottle caps
11 various lids
18 straws (15 plastic and 3 paper)
1 cigar tip
1 cigarette lighter
11 fireworks (these contain loads of plastic that get littered all over the beach)
4 small foam pieces
11 small plastic pieces
12 plastic bottles

5 aluminum cans
5 plastic grocery bags
7 other types of plastic bags

2 paper cups
6 plastic cups
37 plastic, foam and paper packaging materials
1 plastic travel shampoo bottle
10 plastic strapping ties
7 tobacco packaging
1 panty liner (yuck yuck yuck)
8 articles of clothing
23 toys and/or toy pieces
5 hair ties
3 chap sticks
9 band aids
1 dryer sheet
1 wet one
2 ink pens
1 plastic flosser
1 pair of sunglasses
4 boogie board leash ropes
3 chair straps
18 pieces of paper
1 plastic fishing lure
1 metal tent stake

Hope everyone has a safe, fun and CLEAN 4th of July!

Peace and Clean Oceans,

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