Sunday, July 24, 2016

UMO at Wilmington join with others to clean WB.

KIC has been so happy to have University of Mount Olive at Wilmington join our forces to help clean the beach and other areas around Wilmington.  Under the leadership of Shea Lenkaitis, staff at UMO have been busy cleaning the beach and the cross city trail.  

Over the weekend, UMO joined with Atlantic Biotechnology to clean the north end of Wrightsville Beach.  Below in green is the blog post written by Shea of their experience on July 17, 2016:

We did a beach cleanup Sunday evening on the North end of Wrightsville Beach and collected a lot of trash left behind after the busy weekend. It was another gorgeous night for a walk at the beach, and I have included pictures and the data from what was collected. We also found a sand dollar!

The local company, Atlantic Biotechnology (, has been working with me to keep our beach clean. The zooplankton culture facility, located in Wilmington, has a main focus on creating sustainable environments in and out of fish tanks, so they are always willing to do more to help the environment.

Atlantic Biotechnology has been a great help in my efforts to try to get larger groups of people to volunteer with this organization. We have been consistently walking the beach in the early mornings and evenings when it is not as busy with summer tourists, and we have also done a lot of work on the Cross City Trail this summer.

Sunday 7/17 Data - North End of Wrightsville Beach:
1 Styrofoam cup
1 Packing foam
8 Wrappers
1 Straw wrapper
1 Water bottle
2 Straws
4 Capri Sun pouches
1 Piece of plastic
3 Fireworks
3 Hair ties
2 Tags
1 Napkin
1 Fork
1 Pen
2 Receipts
1 Toy
5 Random pieces of trash
1 Tile
1 Zip tie
2 Caps
2 Cigarettes

Shea Lenkaitis
Admissions Representative
University of Mount Olive at Wilmington
1838 Sir Tyler Drive, Suite 100
Wilmington, NC 28405

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