Friday, July 24, 2015

Happy Birthday to Another Ginger!

Monday, July 20, 2015

I love our beach, I love our community of people who care about the environment, I love birthdays and I love this lady, Ginger C. (I happen to love her name too)  :-)

Ginger C. has been a part of Wrightsville Beach her whole life and she has never met a stranger.  I met her several years ago through friends and we instantly gravitated to each other because we had the same name.  But beyond the name, we both are passionate about the environment!

I often see Ginger on the beach riding her bike during our Monday morning sea turtle patrols and she always asks about the turtles.  We saw her today and learned that it was her birthday!  Happy Birthday Ginger!

She was quickly joined by our friend, Holly and they were planning to ride off for coffee, donuts and a swim!  What a wonderful birthday plan!

Of course, I had collected trash and both ladies quickly spotted my treasure find for the day which was a Buzz Lightyear bucket.  Ginger said she liked it and could use it as basket for her bike.  And just like that, I had a birthday present for Ginger. :-) Sometimes, it really does pay to pick up trash.

Happy Birthday Ginger.  We wish you many more.  Thanks for taking care of our planet.

Here are the items that John and I had in our litter bags today:

39 cigarette butts (WB is a non-smoking beach)
1 cigar (WB is a non-smoking beach)

40 food wrappers
17 plastic bottle caps

1 metal bottle cap
4 plastic lids
12 straws/stirrers
3 plastic cutlery

5 plastic bottles
1aluminum can
2 grocery bags
3 paper cups
4 plastic cups
1 foam cup
12 foam/plastic packaging
1 fishing lure
2 pieces of rope
1 piece of blue painting tape
18 fireworks pieces
1 tampon
9 foam pieces
12 plastic pieces
7 paper pieces
12 toys
2 towels
2 metal stakes with a very long rope
1 cardboard toilet paper roll
1 shotgun shell
6 bandaids
1 paper doyle
1 large rubber band
2 zip ties
1 bread twist tie
2 hair ties
1 dryer sheet
2 wet ones
2 artificial flower petals

Another beautiful Wrightsville Beach Sunrise!

Gigi and Ringo Starr helped with the trash sorting today, but as you can see, they were more interested in whatever animal was moving in the trees.

Peace and Clean Oceans,

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  1. Wonderful that you found your friends on the beach and shared your trash! You're a Trashy Girl, Ginger!!! Well done! Celia