Friday, July 24, 2015

Zone 4--July 13th

Monday, July 13th

Wrightsville Beach, NC may just be one of the most beautiful places ever!

I love walking over the dunes on Monday mornings to the wide expanse of the blue sea and the colorful sky.

Please let's Keep It Clean.

Here are the items that I removed from the shore today:

16 cigarette butts and 1 cigar (our beach is non-smoking)
23 food wrappers
1 plastic take out container
7 plastic bottle caps
2 metal bottle caps
4 plastic lids
15 straws/stirrers
1 fishing lure
1 piece of rope
5 plastic bottles

1 aluminum can
1 plastic grocery bag
2 ziploc bags
1 plastic cup
4 pieces of packaging
3 tobacco wrapping packaging (we are a non-smoking beach)
1 plastic cigar tip (we are a non-smoking beach)
26 pieces of fireworks debris

2 foam pieces
10 plastic pieces
5 paper pieces
1 sock
1 flip flop
13 toys
1 blanket
3 bandaids
3 hair ties
1 plastic automobile cup holder
2 zip ties
1 tiny metal sand pail

11 artificial flower petals (I have been finding these every week)
1 piece of fabric sample
1 silicone gel pack
1 blue plastic water bottle tab (I find these every week)

1 toothpick wrapper

Please think about the items you buy in plastic and disposable packaging.  Now, consider the things you can do without or find an alternative to that does not contain single use disposable packaging.  Challenge yourself today to make some of these changes.  It is good for you, for wildlife, and the environment.

Peace and Clean Oceans,

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