Friday, July 3, 2015

Calm Before the Storm

June 29, 2015

The heat has been crazy around here, but I'm not complaining!  I love summer and I especially love summer nights.  And although storms can unnerve me at times, they have been pretty amazing.

Fortunately for John and I, the recent storm cooled the air just enough to make our Monday morning walk pleasant both in temps and the amount of trash that we found.

I have heard from a couple of KIC volunteers that the trash seems to be less this year.  John and I were each surprised by how clean the beach seemed this morning.  However, we are counting this as "the calm before the storm" since next weekend is July 4th, which is typically when volunteers find the most trash.

I was especially tuned into the sound of tinkling this morning as the waves washed in and out over the tiny shells.  I love that noise!

Here are some of our morning pictures.  (Please excuse the graininess---we were using our cell phones)

Safe and Sound Incubation

Incoming and Outgoing Surf at Oceanic

Couples' Presurf Yoga Session

Stormy Wave.  Can you hear the tinkling?

Our litter bags consisted of:

21 cigarette butts
28 food wrappers
12 plastic bottle caps
1 metal bottle cap
5 plastic lids
13 straws/stirrers
2 pieces of plastic cutlery
1 stainless steal fork
1 firework
1 plastic bottle
9 aluminum cans (most of these were partially buried like in this photo)

1 paper plate
2 strapping bands
2 cigarette cartons (found beside the buried beer cans)
1 tampon applicator---yuckyuckyuck
5 plastic pieces
22 paper pieces
2 artificial flower petals
4 wet ones
1 paper doily
2 tubes of chap stick
1 band aid
1 metal tent stake
2 clumps of surf wax
4 hair ties 6 zip ties
3 pieces of clothing (1 sock, 2 single flip flops)
11 toys

Gigi loves trash sorting with me!
Peace and Clean Oceans,

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