Sunday, August 25, 2013

4th Annual Pizza Party for KIC--2013

Every year John and I host a Pizza Party for the WBSTP and KIC volunteers.  This is a time when we all can get together to relax and not worry about picking up trash.  Also, it is a "plastic free" event!

It is always so much fun to visit with our like-minded friends!

Food, Friends, and Door Prizes!  What more could you ask for? (well, besides a clean beach and world peace.... )

Below are some photos of our amazing volunteers.  Just read about all the wonderful stuff they do in our community!  And this is just the stuff that I know about!

Celia and Vicky,  Beautiful People!  Also volunteers with Dreams (for kids) and Friends of Felines (for cats).

Friends gather here....  (also works and volunteers for Audubon (birds) and Meals on Wheels, and on and on and on)

......And Here! (rescues dogs, cycles like crazy; therfore rescuing our planet by driving less)

Two wonderful men.  One is my husband and the other is not.  :-)   ( also volunteers for WARM,  Ocean Cure,  Life Rolls On)   
John, Norm and Gigi.  (Also volunteers for The Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Hospital.)

Danielle and her kids are participating in our guessing game to win some great door prizes!
( Danielle has picked up over 55,610 cigarette butts from WB.  Danielle, her husband, Aaron and their kids were the key players in advocating for a smoke-free WB.)
Lindsay Addison and Gigi.  Lindsay is the NC Coastal Biologist for Audubon and is a great advocate for the birds on WB.  In her spare time,  she volunteers to help save sea turtles!  Gigi rescues all people!

Nancy, WBSTP Coordinator.  She rescues EVERYTHING!

Part of the trash collected by John and Ginger on Mondays in zone 4.

Peace, Love, Light,  & Plastic-Free!


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