Sunday, August 11, 2013

Two Weeks of Trash and Turtles!

Well we have had an amazing two weeks at Wrightsville Beach!!!!

It is always so awe-inspiring to watch baby hatchlings make their way into the great big ocean!  Two nests in one week is almost more than one could ask for.  Witnessing this miracle of nature is always a true honor and one that stays with you and keeps you motivated during those long nights (and sometimes weeks) of nest sitting!  Another motivation is getting to sit with all the turtle peeps and absorbing their positive and giddy energy!  I love love love LOVE it!

But...on to the two weeks of trash, which is not as motivating, except for we know we are doing good for Mother Nature and all of her inhabitants, including us humans.

In the past two weeks (I'm behind a week due to all of the turtle action), John and I have removed 3 reusable bags of trash from zone 4 (which totals 12 plastic grocery store sized bags of trash).  We could have gotten more, but our recent work schedules are forcing us to leave the beach a little early.

Trash from the 1st week

Some of the items that we have removed include:

41 cigarette butts
50 food wrappers
14 plastic bottle caps
14 plastic lids
32 straws/stirrers
1 fishing gear
9 foam pieces
1 piece of sea glass
28 pieces of small plastic
6 plastic bottles
2 aluminum cans
2 plastic cups
3 foam cups
1 suntan bottle
7 tobacco packaging
1 panty liner (yuck)

5 articles of clothing including one negligee with the price tag still attached from Victoria's Secret.  My guess is that the person who purchased it was going to wear it once and return it?  Oh well.... it got left on the beach instead!

Gigi seems to like the item; although I think she is a little bashful!

4 mismatched shoes

While nest sitting on the beach Sunday night, I found a shoe like this in front of St. Therese Church.  I threw it away, but wondered where the match was.  Well, on Monday morning, my question was answered as I found this shoe (the match) in front of Blockade Runner.

3 bandaids
2 chap sticks
1 plastic dental flosser
16 toys
2 broken snorkel fins
3 towels
1 plastic arm while nest sitting!

"It's all fun and games until someone loses an arm!!"

As always, I like to feature our Rescue Animals:

We have four:
1 dog--Gigi
3 cats--Foxy, Sasha and Ringo

Sasha and Ringo ready to pounce on the trash.

Ringo enjoying some love.

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