Sunday, August 25, 2013

Ginger's last walk for the 2013 season :-(

Today, August 19th, the beach was beautiful!  I wanted to stay longer!  The ocean was the perfect color of aqua marine. The waves were rolling in very peacefully in an otherwise flat ocean, creating a beautiful splash of white sea foam contrasting against the aqua marine water.

I was a little sad this morning for a couple of reasons.  1. This is my last walk this season because next week I have to be at Lejeune very early.  2. I was walking by myself because John is out of town and I wish I could share my last walk with him.  Next week will be his last walk and he will do that alone as well.

But, I am so grateful to live here to experience and protect this beautiful place!

I did collect quite a bit of trash this morning.
Some of what I collected included:

22 cigarette butts (there were lots this morning, but I did not collect them all)
1 plastic cigar tip
29 food wrappers or pieces
17 plastic bottle caps

1 metal bottle cap
3 plastic lids
11 straws/stirrers
2 plastic spoons
4 plastic bottles
2 pieces of fireworks
5 foam pieces
11 plastic pieces
3 panty liners (REALLY?!)
4 articles of clothing (a bow tie, 1 shirt, 2 bikini top inserts)
1 towel
13 toys or toy pieces

5 shoes
1 pair of goggles
1 watch (water logged and no longer works)
1 toothbrush (this is a first for me)
4 boogie boards

I was happy to see that the big tractors, cranes, and other construction equipment has finally been moved off the beach at the Oceanic Pier.  Sad that it was there until my last day and almost until the end of sea turtle nesting season.

Goodbye from the beach this year!

And goodnight from one of our Rescues, Foxy!

love and abundance,

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