Monday, July 28, 2014

11*11 Make a Wish

July 28, 2014

If you know me personally, you may know that my favorite numbers are sequences of ones: 11, 111, 1111.

We adopted our dog, Gigi (who is often featured on the blog) on 11/1, solely by coincidence (or was it?).  There is a lot more to that story that features 111, but I won't go into it here.

I often look at the clock at 11:11--don't ask me why; it just happens that way.   It is not intentional.

I notice sequences of ones everywhere.  So, of course I started searching for the meaning.  I learned that many believe 11:11 is the perfect time to put positive thoughts into the universe.   Some also believe that if you notice sequences of ones, it is a reminder to watch your thoughts and to be positive.

Last year, on the day before one of our turtle patrol walks, I had a strong feeling that John and I were going to find a nest.   I even mentioned it to Nancy, my friend and our project coordinator.  Guess what?  We did find a nest and it was nest number 1 on WB and nest 11 in the state. (111)!

This year, WB has one nest thus far and it is again nest number 1 for WB and nest 11 for the state.

I can't explain any of this; I just know I love those numbers.

So, imagine my surprise during our walk this morning when John said, "Look at her shirt". (see photo)

So, I made a wish, like the shirt says.  Actually, I made two.  I wished for another sea turtle nest on WB this year; and I wished for everyone to become aware of the importance of keeping our Ocean clean.

We didn't actually find a lot of big trash items this morning; it was more of the stuff that just kind of gets  away from you and blows in the wind.  However, we still picked up 197 pieces of trash (listed at the bottom of the sunrise pics).

Some people ask, "Why do you do this?".  My response is, "Why wouldn't I?"

Please enjoy the views from the shore this morning!

Here are our items:
16 cigarette butts
14 plastic bottle caps
2 metal bottle caps
3 plastic lids
22 straws/stirrers
1 fishing bob with hook
1 balloon piece
1 piece of painter's tape
7 fireworks
10 foam pieces
1 piece of green sea glass
14 plastic pieces
21 paper pieces
2 plastic bottles
4 aluminum cans
3 ziplock bags
4 plastic cups (1 of which I raced to fish out of the incoming surf.  I saw it from a distance being blown down the beach and eventually into the surf)

34 packaging items (including 18 plastic sleeves for kids' juice pouch straws)
1 sunscreen tube
1 small plastic bottle for bubbles
3 strapping bands
2 baby wipes
1 diaper
1 unopened pack of Motrin
2 bandaids
1 sock
1 hat
10 toys
4 shoes
6 hair ties
2 rubber bands
2 plastic zipties

I wish you a clean Ocean!

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