Friday, July 25, 2014

A peek from the Sun…..

July 21, 2014

The alarm goes off around 5:15 AM on Monday mornings at our house during the summer.  Why? Because we are dedicated sea turtle volunteers and we must get to the beach to walk our zone just in case a mother turtle came to lay her eggs while we were sleeping.  We always have hope, but this morning was not to be….

It doesn't matter to us; because it is always nice to start the work week off with a beautiful WB sunrise, even if we don't find a new nest.   The sunrises are always a little different, but never dull.  This morning was cloudy, but the sun still managed to glimpse a peek at this new day.  It was as if the Sun was letting everything and everyone know that it was still there and to not worry about a little cloudiness…..

As far as litter goes---it is generally the same.  Unlike nests, we never doubt we will find it and we always do!

Here are our finds for today:

10 cigarette butts
64 food wrappers or pieces of wrappers (12 of which are straw sleeves from juice pouches)

14 plastic bottle caps
2 metal bottle caps
7 plastic lids
25 straws/stirrers
6 plastic beverage bottles
1 aluminum can
2 plastic grocery bags
4 other plastic bags
4 plastic cups
4 foam cups
1 piece of rope
1 piece of fishing buoy
1 PVC fishing pole holder
1 balloon
1 cigar tip
7 fireworks & then the packaging

7 foam pieces
25 plastic pieces
22 other plastic/foam packaging
4 cigarette packaging wrap
2 chap sticks
2 hair ties
4 bandaids
2 mismatched socks
16 toys
1 boogie board

John with his reusable bag filled with beach debris

1 bar of surf wax
1 surf board leash
4 sunglasses
5 shoes
2 baby wipes
1 tube of suncreen
1 can of spray sunscreen
3 zipties

Every Monday, we usually run into Rick, who also picks up trash.  Rick is not a KIC volunteer, but he is in our book!  He says he walks zone 4 most every morning!   Thank you Rick for caring and for putting that "caring" into "action"!

John and Rick clean the beach.

Gigi and Kahuna always look forward to sorting trash with me.  Kahuna especially loves the way the reusable trash bags smell.  He always lays on them when I dump them out.

Gigi will get to play with the tennis ball you see here.  She is a happy girl!

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