Friday, July 18, 2014

Beach Bunny

July 14, 2014

Today was a very quick walk because we were on a time crunch; thus we divided the walk in half.  John started on the north end and I started on the south.

Luckily, the beach was relatively clean; but I really think it was due to such a high tide caused by our July SUPER MOON!

Mother nature was so beautiful and quiet this morning.

Here are a few of the items we removed from the beach.

25 cig butts
59 food wrappers
21 bottle caps
15 straws/stirrers
1 balloon
1 cigarette lighter
1 cigar tip
7 fireworks
4 shoes
1 pair of reading glasses
13 toys
2 boogie boards
1 bed sheet
2 plastic bottles
5 plastic cups
bits and bobs of other items
…and one beach bunny as I was leaving the Crystal Pier access.

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