Monday, June 1, 2015

Both sides of the Atlantic--June 1, 2015

Today was our first walk of the season because we have been in Ireland for the past two weeks.  Yes, we picked up trash there too--we couldn't let the other side of the Atlantic go unswept!  We had a great time in Ireland and it was absolutely beautiful!  But, we are both glad to be back in the warm, sunny climate of Wrightsville Beach, NC.  We are also thrilled that WB got a nest while we were gone!  Woot Woot!
Powers Court water fall hike and Clean-Up, Ireland

Cliffs of Moher hike and Clean-Up, Ireland

Inch Beach Walk and Clean-up, Ireland

Although it was nice and warm this morning on WB for our sunrise walk, there was no breeze; so the noseeums were almost intolerable.  However, a few bugs have never stopped us!

We continue to see some of the same old things (litter) and patterns on the beach.  But, if we focus beyond the trash, we are reminded of what is familiar and good--the warmth, the beauty of the sunrise, and people with whom we have been sharing our morning walks year after year.

Every year, we see this man exercising with weights on the beach and I'm sure he sees us with our litter bags.  Neither of us have ever spoken to the other, but we exist on this strip of island together, enjoying the natural beauty that it offers.  I mean, if you have to exercise, you might as well do it with a view; and if you are going to pick up litter, that is better with a view too, right?

Gigi was glad to return to her patterns as well.  She is happy we are home and she is happy to once again be a part of my "Trash Sorting Monday".

We collected the following trash:
18 cig butts
73 food wrappers (I count any kind of packaging that was around food products including the sippy straw sleeves)
1 foam take out container
13 plastic bottle caps
4 metal bottle caps
7 plastic lids
18 straws
7 pieces of cutlery
3 pieces of rope
1 piece of fishing lure
1 package for fishing lure
2 balloon pieces
1 cigar tip
2 cigarette lighters
13 foam pieces
19 plastic pieces
3 plastic bottles

2 aluminum cans
1 plastic grocery bag
1 Ziploc bag
1 plastic cup
1 foam cup
2 strapping bands from chairs
1 cigarette carton (our beach is non-smoking and these weren't smoked)  :-/
1 bikini top insert
23 toys
2 towels
1 flip and 1 flop
1 pair of sunglasses
1 pair of reading glasses
2 plastic zip ties
2 long balloon or gift ribbons
20 pieces of paper--lots of tags from purchased items
1 plastic flosser
2 tubes of chap stick

We also saw a Portuguese Man O War!  There are lots of reports on our coast this year of this jelly.  Please be careful as a sting from this beautiful guy is quite painful!

Happy Picking and Clean Oceans!

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