Friday, June 5, 2015

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year...

Well, arguably, that is! When you live is such a beautiful location and climate, it's hard to complain about any season!

Friday, May 15, zone 0

I was so excited for my first morning beach walk of 2015. It was cold, cold, cold on the beach at 6 a.m., and I bundled up in long pants, a sweatshirt and a jacket.

Overall, there was no a lot of evidence of activity on the beach. The litter I did find was in the wrack line or below the tide line.

The most discouraging find was this Publix balloon, which was entangled in some grass at the wrack line and had obviously already spent some time out at sea. Notice the "choking hazard" warning. You're kind of missing the mark here, Publix!

My litter pickup for the day included:
-1 plastic hanger
-1 balloon with plastic cord
-1 tennis ball
-1 lid with straw
-3 snack wrappers
-4 cigarette butts
-4 plastic bottle caps
-1 metal bottle cap
-1 plastic bottom of a container

Friday, May 22, zone 0

This morning was a first for me: I only found two littered items in my entire zone! Yes, just two! I could not believe it. I wondered if perhaps an organization did a beach sweep to prepare for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend. Whatever the reason, it was great. I picked up only one pink polyester flower petal and a shred from a snack wrapper.

Friday, May 29, zone 0

Ah, the first blissfully warm and summery morning of the year! The warm sun and gentle breezes were perfect. And check out the sunrise! (Yes, that's me doing a headstand, my favorite yoga asana.)

Someone left behind a very pretty sandcastle on the far north end. Fortunately they did not leave behind any large holes, buckets or sand toys. :)

My litter pickup for the day included:
-1 rusty bucket handle
-2 plastic drink lids
-2 headbands
-3 styrofoam chunks
-2 plastic pieces
-1 ping pong ball
-6 straws
-4 cigarette butts
-1 glow stick
-1 plastic spoon
-6 plastic food and straw wrappers

Friday, June 5, zone 0

Today there was more litter in zone 0 than I would normally find there. I found this disconcerting because the tide came up very high last night-- all the way to the dunes in some spots-- so I realized that most of the trash I picked up had washed in from the water. In a few cases, I very carefully reached underneath the ropes around the bird sanctuary to remove trash from the designated bird area. This always makes me uneasy.

On a much brighter note, I saw this guy riding a unicycle on the beach. I mean, seriously, how wild is that?!

My litter pickup for the day included:
-5 plastic cups
-1 styrofoam cup
-2 plastic shopping bags
-4 straws
-3 plastic shovels
-3 plastic bottle caps
-19 cigarette butts
-1 eyeglass cleaning cloth
-2 styrofoam chunks
-1 balloon
-2 plastic straw wrappers
-1 snack wrapper corner
-2 toys
-1 aluminum bottle
-1 aluminum can


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