Monday, June 22, 2015

Some of my favorite things---Friends, Birthdays, Pets and Trash!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Happy Birthday to someone who has made a difference on Wrightsville Beach and has rippled change into the world.  Hope you have the best day ever, Danielle Richardet!  So glad we are friends!

Wow! Has the weather ever been hot!  And so it was on our sea turtle patrol walk this morning.  We did not find turtle tracks, but we did find this sand sculpture with a message.  I hope this brings us good luck tonight.

The beach is full of beauty in the mornings.  Today, we saw dolphin, black skimmers, runners, yogis, and families waiting for the sunrise.  It was a good morning.

We did find trash too, of course.  But, I got a little help sorting it from some of my furry friends.

Sasha Bear, Gigi Dog, and Ringo Starr.  Everyone is avoiding the group photo.

Gigi loves her pink blanket with the sun.  We found this abandoned on the beach a few years ago and it has been Gigi's ever since.  She always lays on it when I sort the trash.

Gigi just noticed that she needs braces.  :-)

Sasha Bear and Me.
Today our litter bags included:
16 cig butts
29 food wrappers
1 plastic food container
8 plastic bottle caps
2 metal bottle caps
12 other plastic lids
29 straws/stirrers
4 plastic pieces of cutlery
2 pieces of actual silverware

2 plastic bottles
1 glass bottle
4 aluminum cans
1 ziplock bag
3 plastic cups
1 cigar tip
2 plastic zip ties
7 foam pieces
17 plastic pieces
3 plastic packaging
26 paper pieces
2 wet ones
1 bandaid
1 beach umbrella wire
1 plastic contact lens case
1 piece of surf wax
6 artificial flower petals
3 strapping bands
1 hair tie
1 plastic flosser
1 chapstic
1 panty liner (yuck)
1 comb
4 clothing articles
16 toys (including a whole set of measuring cups which I may use)

We also got to enjoy the presence of a butterfly today.

Peace and Clean Oceans.


  1. Such beautiful photos. I hope I get a chance to visit Wrightsville beach and some of its amazing inhabitants, from beach (litter) combers, to helpful pets, to turtles - the stationary ones and the ones that move albeit slowly, and of course, sun, sand, and ocean water, cast upon glorious sun rise and sun sets.

    Here's to butterflys,
    splashing in the waves,
    dancing on the wet sand,
    and enjoying the company
    of others who clean up
    our environment.

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