Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Beth gets paid to clean the beach in zone 0

I received this email from KIC and WBSTP Volunteer, Beth.  How lucky is she???

Hi Ginger, just finished my turtle patrol walk this beautiful Memorial Day morning in zone 0 on the northern most end of WB. Thankfully there is usually very little trash aside from in front of the Shell Island resort. Today was a sad exception :(. My bag was filled to overflowing with all kinds of trash. I passed another woman doing cleanup and we both couldn't believe how much we were picking up. I took a photo of my bag before I dumped it. The clean swell app said it was over 5 lbs. of trash and I think it was even heavier. It includes 2 pair of sandals and a pair of child's gym shoes.  In the sand I found a $20 bill!!!  Guess not all trash is bad!  

Hope you have a wonderful holiday,
Beth Walters

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