Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Life is GREAT.

June 27, 2016

If you don't count the trash, the morning was GREAT!  That is how we do life at Wrightsville Beach!  We now have 10 nests on Wrightsville and we could not be more excited!

Please keep the beach clean.  Take your trash with you.  Do a beach cleanup.  It is not hard and you will feel good knowing you gave something back to Mother Ocean!

Protect what you love---if you LOVE the ocean, dolphins, whales, or sea turtles, then protect it by keeping it clean.

Please dispose of trash properly.  Plastic pollution is a huge problem facing our oceans today.  Consider reducing how much you use plastic in your daily life.  It is easy, really.  A few ways to reduce plastic include:  refuse plastic bags by bringing your own bag when you go shopping, say "no straw please" when ordering beverages, bring your own cutlery, bring your own cup or bottle.

The simple act of bringing your own cup or bottle reduces plastic tremendously---think about it.  When you bring your own refillable cup or bottle, you avoid a plastic bottle, plastic bottle cap, plastic cup, plastic lid, plastic straw.  Now, imagine if your whole family does that----how many pieces of plastic did you avoid?  Also, if you refill that bottle with water, it is FREE.  Think of the money you are saving by not buying water in plastic bottles.

Here is what John and I collected from the beach today.

31 cigarette butts
33 food wrappers
1 foam take out container
12 plastic bottle caps
1 metal bottle cap
8 various plastic lids
15 straws (12 plastic, 3 paper)
3 pieces of plastic cutlery
1 fishing line
1 rope
2 foam pieces
2 plastic pieces
8 plastic bottles

2 grocery bags
3 other plastic bags
1 paper plate
7 plastic cups
2 foam cups
1 foam plate
19 items of packaging including plastic, foam and paper
1 other plastic bottle
1 strapping band
5 tobacco packaging
3 items of clothing (2 mismatched shoes and 1 hat)
17 toys or toy pieces

1 watch
1 sheet
1 pair of bifocals
1 pair of sunglasses
1 pacifier
2 hair ties
4 plastic hair clips
3 boogie board leashes/ropes
1 20 feet long dog leash
8 wet wipes
14 pieces of paper
1 plastic fishing lure
1 plastic fishing line spool (empty of line)

My favorite toy find today was an alligator because it brought back happy memories of a cat, named Kahuna, whom we rescued and fostered for over a year.  Kahuna is now very happy in his forever home and I still get updates from his forever Mom.  It is a GREAT thing.

Kahuna, KIC season 2014---NOT amused by me and Mr. Alligator.

Peace and Clean Oceans and LOVE.

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