Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Monday Beach Walks

June 6 and June 13

Wow!!!!  What a nesting season that Wrightsville Beach is having!  5 nests and we are only half way through June!!!  We are loving it!

Keep coming to our  beach Mother Turtles. We will Keep It Clean for you!

Two Mondays =Two beautiful mornings on the beach!

We finally did see Rick again.  We run into Rick every year as he picks up trash in our zone just about every morning, even in the winter.  We really appreciate Rick and we love running into old beach friends and catching up over the sunrise.  I think he was happy to see us too.  People who actively love the beach protect it and connect with others who do the same.

John and Rick talking story while the sun rises.

Over the past two weeks, we found the following trash in zone 4 (less than 1 mile of beach)

48 cigarette butts
72 food wrappers/packaging!
1 red pepper---made me hungry and glad to see people eating healthy!
We see lots of food on the beach, but this is the first red pepper I have found!
25 plastic bottle caps
1 metal bottle cap
9 plastic lids
23 straws
1 plastic fork

2 fireworks remnants
16 foam pieces
17 plastic pieces
4 plastic bottles
1 glass bottle
4 aluminum cans
2 grocery bags
3 other plastic bags
2 paper cups
1 plastic cup
1 foam cup
34 pieces of packaging (tags, etc.)
1 strapping band
5 tobacco packages/wrappers
Maybe they didn't know that Wrightsville is a non-smoking beach?

1 clean cloth diaper (another first---wonder if this came from the same people who ate the healthy peppers?)

2 socks
28 toys or toy pieces

3 hair ties
1 hair clip
1 band aid
1 fishing lure
2 metal tent stakes
5 wet ones
2 dryer sheets
2 paper towels
24 random pieces of paper

We also found a stranded Turtle (Ninja), but no worries, he has been rescued!

I am always grateful for my rescued pets who like to watch over me while I sort the trash.

Ringo Starr

Peace and Clean Oceans,

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