Saturday, September 17, 2011

Nancy Fahey's final report for 2011

Hey Ginger,

Here is the latest on WB trash:

Thursday, 08/08:  1.5 bags of random trash

Friday, 08/09:  1/2 bag of trash which consisted mostly of 6 Bud Light cans all in a neat little pile near a dune on the south end.

Saturday, 08/10:  1/2 bag random trash

Sunday, 08/11: Four bags of trash

David went for me on Monday, and he usually does not pick up trash, or at least he didn't mention any.

Tuesday, 08/13: Four bags of trash including 2 wads of fishing line, one balloon, one full can of beer and one screwdriver.  Guess David will no longer have an excuse to get out of Honey-Do's!  :)

Wednesday,  08/14:  1 bag of random trash

Thursday, 08/15:  2 bags of random trash

Tha, tha, tha, that's all folks! 

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