Saturday, September 17, 2011

Records Broken by Danielle--watch the video!!!

Hey Hey!  It's official... I'm going to be caught up with contributing to Keep It Clean!  I'm sure I'll be out a few more times before Sept. 15, so I'll be sure to send those to you as well :)

So far in September, we've been out on three different occasions.

On Sept. 2, we went to Access 36.  We mainly focused on the wrack line (the bits of styrofoam were HORRIBLE!!), but I made a point to walk over to Crystal Pier to check for straws from the Oceanic dining area.  I was super happy to not find any straws that had appeared to have blown off the pier!!  (Yes, we found straws... but they were away from the pier and mostly in the wrack line.)

Our Daily Ocean: Day 94 = 1 bag of litter

244 cigarette butts
23 caps
10 straws
3 plastic bottles
1 spoon

Then on Sept. 3, we went to Access 17 with Bonnie.  Our old record for the amount of cigarette butts we picked up was done last year at Access 20... the record used to be 1,833.  Friday night, Bonnie, my daughter and I picked up 2,026 cigarette butts!!!  (we ended up going over our 20 minute time frame simply because we started an area and wanted to finish it.... but really we didn't even come CLOSE to finishing.)  The wrack line was so completely disgusting... cigarette butts, straws, caps... I didn't think a picture could explain it.... so I took a short video:

Oh, right... this record breaking clean up has also pushed the cigarette butt tally past the 30k mark!!!  (who would have ever guessed?!?  Over 30k cigarette butts are sitting in my garage!)

Our Daily Ocean: Day 95 = 2.5 bags of litter

2,026 cigarette butts
44 caps
43 straws
6 plastic bottles
2 aluminum cans

AND... finally!  My husband and oldest son had been in Alaska for 11 days and on Labor Day (Monday, Sept. 5) they were finally able to make it out to the beach to do a clean up!  My husband was bummed to have missed out on the record breaking night... so we headed back to Access 17.  We got to the beach very close to sunset, so it got dark pretty fast!  But that doesn't mean that we didn't find a lot of litter!!!  We picked up nearly 7 lbs of trash!!!  This clean up marked another kind of record:  We have officially picked up over 200 lbs of litter off of WB (and that doesn't include the weight of large items such as boogie boards and chairs!!)

Our Daily Ocean: Day 96 = 5 bags of litter

1,879 cigarette butts
22 caps/lids
20 straws
9 toys
5 plastic bottles
4 aluminum cans


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