Monday, September 5, 2011

Susan post Irene

My husband Jeff and I headed out to the Oceanic Pier at about 8:00 am on Sunday. We were anxious to see what Irene had left for us on the beach. Surprisingly, we did not find that much garbage; definitely not nearly as much as I was expecting. Now I know this is just because Ginger, John and Nancy had already done a cleanup in this area!

Again, just as it was on Friday, it was amazing and sad to see the amount of litter that had already obviously spent a long time tumbling around out in the sea. We found some bits of metal (cans maybe?) that were very mangled and rather sharp. Jeff moved some tires away from the tide line that were heavy and covered with barnacles.

The biggest surprise of the day was the amount of treasure that Irene left for us. I have never seen so many large shells and starfish. Sadly, the starfish were deceased by the time we found them, since they had been out of the water all night. I spotted a sea urchin, some kind of interesting sea slug (that we returned to the water) and 3 different kinds of crabs. We saw lots of people walking down the beach with large pieces of sea glass and other interesting finds.

I was truly astonished to see so many incredible things on the beach on Sunday. It was a powerful reminder of how majestic the ocean and all of its inhabitants are, and how important it is for us to protect it.

Susan Z. Miller
Freelance Writer and Editor

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  1. Since Susan mentioned the mangled cans... you/she should check out this post from Harry (The Flotsam Diaries) :) The post and the comments will let you in on WHY the cans are the way they are :)