Monday, September 5, 2011

week 18--John and Ginger in zone 4

This was our final official walk for the 2011 Nesting Season as Nancy will take over Sept. 1 - Sept 15.
There were still a lot of shells on the beach and also some trash from Hurricane Irene.  All total, we collected about 4 bags of trash.  We also picked up a lot of plastic bags from the beach over the last few days---all total--11!!!  I sure wish we could ban plastic bags and smoking on the beach.

Our loot for today:
1 plastic cup
2 cig butts (of course, there are many many more, but we didn't pick them up)
11 plastic bags
4 ziplock bags
8 toys
19 bottle caps
2 plastic bottles
1 pair of reading glasses
1 balloon
17 straws
1 towel
1 aluminum can

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