Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Week 19--John and Ginger in Zone 3 at Access 18

John and I adopted Access # 18.  So far, I have not included that report with our litter report, but this time I decided that it would be okay.

Given that it is Labor Day Weekend and given Nancy's last email of all the trash she has been collecting on the beach, I decided it would be a good time to clean up.

We picked up about 3 bags of trash in 25 minutes.  I spent about 15 minutes focusing on cigarette butts (since Nancy is focusing on Sea Turtle Tracks).  In that 15 minutes, I collected 406 butts!!!!
We also collected
1 plastic bag
1plastic bottle
several pieces of the construction plastic that Nancy talked about
6 toys
28 bottle caps

5 aluminum cans
2 ziplock bags
1 latex glove (shredded like a balloon)
2 plastic lids
1 Wendy's fast food bags and contents
24 straws
1 six pack ring (very sad)
1 "I (double heart) Jessus" hair bow
1 wallet that we turned into the police department

Yesterday, we went boating and to Mason's Inlet on the South End of Figure Eight Island.  We noticed that the construction plastic had washed up there as well.  We grabbed what we could in our hands.  We also collected two balloons, 1 ziplock bag, and we scooped a plastic bag out of the Inlet that contained 5 plastic bottles!

For the fun of it, I decided to photograph the total collection of toys that John and I have picked up this year.

40  unbroken shovels

25 broken shovel pieces
10 sand pails

32 broken sand pail handles

27 sand molds

11 plastic rakes

and my favorite are the toy men.

I also took pics of our collectables in their containers (minus all the bottle caps b/c I gave those to Bonnie already---all 400 & some of them!!)

lots and lots of straws

Here is our jar of balloons 

I think Speckles is going to miss our Monday Morning Trash Sortings!!!


  1. Wow! You could fit out a beach store of your own! Hate the debris, but love the colors. And that you've been keeping & cataloging it all!

  2. I know! It is nuts when you keep it all. It provides such a great visual for educational purposes. Bonnie Monteleone has offered to make an art sculpture out of it---I'm very excited about it!

    Thanks for all you do Harry!