Sunday, September 16, 2012

Nancy donates beach items and has hope for "a cleaner tomorrow"

Hey Ginger,
I will try to update the report daily since it is hard to remember details after a few days.  Please add to yesterday's finds one kite with string and one balloon with a very long piece of ribbon attached.  Both were at the tide line.  :(
Today I removed three bags from trash from the beach.  This included a diaper, a pair of boxers, two pairs of Crocs, lots of plastic wrappers, plastic bottles, plastic bags and containers, rope, broken toys, and cans.  I also collected two boogie boards, one large clear plastic raft, three pieces of PVC, one large nylon disk shaped toy (it looked like a large flexible frisbee) and the two foam goal posts that went with it, one towel at the Holiday Inn, a shirt and a pair of leather flip flops.  All was placed in the trash cans except the shirt and flip flops which I brought home to clean and donate to Goodwill.  I also called in a canopy which had been dumped on the face of the dune at Access #13.  Since it had been there for several days, I thought maybe the public works guys might want to go ahead and collect it with the trash during their next run on the beach.
Here is to a cleaner tomorrow!

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