Sunday, September 16, 2012

Nancy finds a fish bowl on WB (among other trash)

Hi Ginger,
Here is a very late trash report from August:
Friday, 08/24, Zone 4:  About 3/4 a grocery store bag full of trash. The litter was mostly plastic wrappers, bottles and cans. Zone 4 was pretty clean for a Friday!
During my rides on the beach, so far, this is what I have collected:
Saturday, 09/01:  I collected about one grocery store bag of litter, plus two chairs.  
Sunday, 09/02:  Today, the beach was trashed by all the visitors.  I picked up five bags of trash which included a mesh nylon bag, lots of bottles, cans, plastic bottles, wrappers, cups, broken toys, a hat, plastic bags, clothing, a broken styrofoam plate, shoes and flip flops.  Plus I removed a styrofoam cooler, seven towels from the beach at the Holiday Inn, two more stray towels, and a linen napkin from under the Oceanic.
Monday, 09/03:  Sadly today, I once again found a beach that had been trashed.  I picked up six bags of litter which consisted of a nylon mesh bag, cans, glass bottles, plastic wrappers, bottles and cups, a huge wad of fishing line, broken toys, plastic utensils, straws, plastic bags, flip flops, and a fish bowl.  Yes, I did say a fish bowl.  A plastic one, to be exact.  And all of this was really only the tip of the trash pile!
I also removed three chairs, four boogie boards, two plastic rafts, one pair of denim shorts, and fifteen towels from the beach at the Holiday Inn.  I found one other towel on the south end which I will wash for the turtles.  I called in three abandoned canopies, one of which I later talked the trash collectors into taking off the beach.  It had been tagged after my earlier call and was about to wash into the water on my return trip up to Mallard St., so I asked the public works  guys if they would remove it and they did.  
I will hope to find a cleaner beach tomorrow.
Have a great holiday,

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