Sunday, September 16, 2012

Nancy's final report for 2012

Hi Ginger,
The following is what I collected off the beach the last two days of monitoring:
Friday, 09/14:  Two bags of litter and one beach chair.  The litter included 4 balloons, one wad of fishing line, at least six cans (these were all PBR cans scattered about the south end; I guess someone had so much fun, they forgot to clean up after themselves), more cans, one coffee cup, plastic wrappers, cups, containers, bottles and bags, broken toys and bottles.
Saturday, 09/15: One bag of trash plus one broken boogie board.  My collection included bottles, cans, plastic wrappers, cups, bottles and bags, two pieces of fishing line, and beach toys.
Tha, tha, thaaaaaat's all folks!!!  (Until Beach Sweep, that is!)
Have a great week!

Please add a beach umbrella to my collection last week.  I forgot to include it in my report.  I'm not sure which day I picked it up off the beach, but I think it was Wednesday, Sept. 12th.

Thanks, Ginger!

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