Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sea Turtle and Audubon Volunteers work together to clean WB

Hey Ginger,
Today, 09/13, we (the Audubon folks and I) picked up two bags of litter, plus 1 towel, 1 shirt, 1 kite (with the string spread all over the beach), 1 diver's fin, 1 water-wing, and 1 chair.  The trash included plastic wrappers, cups, containers and bags, a huge wad of fishing line, toys, cans, bottles, 1 pair of pants, and 3 pairs of sunglasses.  I also found a huge mesh bag on the south end (the size of a duffle bag) filled with a fishing net and buoys.  I did not see anyone that appeared to own the bag, so I dragged it away from the tide line to the dune.  If the bag remains on the beach tomorrow, I will put it and the net into the trash cans!
I helped Lindsay and crew take down the postings on the north end this morning, so some of this trash was collected from inside the posted area.  We picked up all the trash in the dune system that we could find.
Have a great day!

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