Sunday, September 16, 2012

Nancy finds more trash and another WBSTP volunteer!

Hi Ginger,
I have fallen behind in my litter report!  Here is what I have found the past few days:
Friday, Sept. 7th:  2 bags of trash, plus one chair, one towel, and a white rubber buoy.  The litter included a wad of fishing line, and lots of plastic bottles, cans, plastic wrappers, cups and bags.  The worst find of the day was  two plastic bags and a puffer fish at the tide line on the south end.   The poor fish was alive and gasping after being left to die out of the water.  I tried to put him back in the water, but I'm not sure if he survived.  At first he washed back in, but then finally he at least seemed to stay in the water.  Poor fellow!  Why in the world would someone leave him to suffer and die like that?
David drove for me from Saturday through Monday.  He did not report any litter collected from the beach.
Tuesday, Sept. 11th:  I collected one bag of litter which included a balloon and the usual plastic wrappers, cups, toys and cans.  I also saw a huge horseshoe crab at the tide line on the south end.  He was dead, which was very sad.  I hope he was not pulled out of the water and left to die like the puffer fish!
Wednesday, Sept. 12th:  Today, the beach was not as clean.  I picked up 2 1/4 bags of trash, plus one chair, and a diver's fin.   The collection of trash included one shirt, one pair of boxers, two mylar balloons (which were tied to the rope at the bird sanctuary on the north end :(), one piece of fishing line, cans, plastic bags, wrappers, containers, and toys.
I had the pleasure of seeing Celia on the beach this morning, and as a matter of fact, she helped me collect the balloons from the bird sanctuary.  Thank you Celia!

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