Sunday, September 16, 2012

Nancy finds a dog that she does not report!

Hi Ginger,
News from the beach:
Wednesday, 09/05:  I collected 2.5 bags of litter.  My finds included fishing line, a dirty diaper, two pairs of shoes, plastic wrappers, cups and bottles, glass bottles, cans, and toys.  I also found one towel which I will wash and save for sea turtle rescues.
Thursday, 09/06:  Today, I found three bags of trash on the beach; two pairs of flip flops, pieces of broken boogie board, plastic bags, cups, bottles and wrappers, straws, cans, styrofoam cups, and fishing line.  I placed 1/2 a broken boogie board in the trash and one broken chair.  I also found one beautiful dog on the beach which I did not report to the police!
Have a great rest of the week,

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