Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy Post-Independence Day!

Friday, July 5, Zone 0

Finally, a lovely morning without rain! Yay! Our beautiful coastal weather is finally back.

I rose and headed to the beach a little bit earlier than normal this morning, anticipating that there would be quite a bit of litter to clean up after the Fourth of July holiday. Indeed, the normally-clean north end was pretty trashed.

As I began walking, I noticed that there was a young lady ahead of me who was walking and picking up various cups and other littered items as she went along. I was grateful to see her doing that and thought it was nice of her to help.

A little bit north of Shell Island resort, I came upon a tent that had been left overnight, along with two of the resort's blue umbrellas, which had been taken down and were lying in the sand. One of the umbrellas was halfway in the bird sanctuary and actually resting on top of the rope around the habitat. I was rather horrified to find it that way, so I carefully moved it, and checked to make sure that the rope had not been damaged. I am not sure how it got there, but the umbrellas are fairly heavy, so the odd thing is that it seemed that someone must have deliberately placed it there.

Indent in the sand from the umbrella that was inside the bird sanctuary

As I walked, I picked up a lot of fireworks and firework remnants.

I also noticed a lot of pieces of chewed gum along the tide line, which seemed odd, as this is something I've never noticed before.

My litter total for the day included:

-1 styrofoam cooler that was broken into 3 pieces
-2 plastic cups
-1 styrofoam coffee cup
-7 plastic water/Gatorade bottles
-30 fireworks
-1 headband
-10 cigarette butts
-5 snack wrappers
-1 broken shovel
-2 sand toys
-1 Live Strong bracelet
-4 ponytail holders
-2 beer caps
-3 plastic water bottle caps
-1 boogie board leash
-1 styrofoam "noodle" water toy
-1 glass bottle
-1 shirt
-1 sock
-3 beer cans
-various plastic bits
-various paper food wrappers
-4 plastic straws
-1 set of plastic cutlery 
-2 broken pairs sunglasses


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