Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sand Tunnel in Zone 1

     Terri and I thought we'd share a picture of one of those excavations we talk about from time to time which are subject to cave-ins and a threat to young and old alike.  We came upon a tunnel on Friday morning opposite the parking garage of the Shell Island Resort.  Presumably it's been destroyed by now but it's interesting to see what folks will build without thinking of the threat involved.

John Littlejohn

KIC has reported about the dangers of digging holes in the sand in the past.  According to engineers, sand is a very unstable medium and it can collapse without warning, killing those who are trapped.  When someone digs a hole near the tideline, the water can come up quickly and turn the sand into an instant trap, much like quicksand.  Each year, individuals become victims of collapsing sand and have to be rescued.  The weight of the sand pressing against someone can damage their internal organs.  Please be careful on the beach and do not dig deep holes.  They can be very dangerous.

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  1. This reminds me of the holes we used to dig in the sandbox in first or third grade... of course, on a much smaller scale (probably only about as deep as 4 inches and as long as an arm). We called them "tunnel towns" because you could connect duplicates of these tunnels to one another and make little towns out of them.