Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sun, People, Trash and Turtles

Monday, July 8, 2013

Well, we finally have some sun, but with the sun came all the people, who left a lot of trash.   Just look at this photo of Masonboro Island on July 4th.  Actually, it looks relatively quiet compared to past Independence Day holidays.

We did not know what to expect this morning since we were coming off of the long July 4th weekend. We had been on the beach the night of the 4th and saw all the fireworks that were going off.

I don't like to be a "kill joy" or "buzz kill" or whatever one likes to call it.  I get it!.  I like fireworks too!  I do!!!!  But, I don't like when people do not clean up behind their fireworks as it leaves a lot of litter.  Also, the explosives in fireworks contain plastic (per some research I did a few years ago on fireworks).  By now, we all know that plastic is not good for our environment, especially in the form of litter.

John and I picked up 31 pieces of fireworks in our zone on July 8th.  We could have gotten more, but there just was not enough time.

We did enjoy the morning sky and sunrise (the sun was welcomed after all the rain we have been having).  Although I have to admit the pinks and blues reminded me of Miami Vice!  :-)  Yes, I am old enough to remember that show and I loved it.  I even wore a "Miami Vice" button when I was in the 7th grade.  No, it wasn't cool, but I thought it was!

The sky, on the other hand, was awesome!

We collected 1.5 reusable bags of trash which equals about 6 plastic grocery store bags of trash.  In addition to the 31 fireworks pieces, we collected the following:

30 butts
20 food wrappers
9 plastic bottle caps
2 metal caps
6 plastic lids
18 straws/stirrers
6 pieces of plastic cutlery
1 balloon ribbon minus the balloon
1 cigar tip
4 cigarette lighters (probably used to light all those fireworks)

5 plastic bottles
1 glass bottle
1 can
2 plastic grocery bags
5 other plastic bags
2 plastic cups
2 broken boogie boards
4 flip flops (1 matching pair)
12 toys
1 pump?

1 pair of sunglasses
1 "yellow dog" hat
1 teeny weeny little baby bikini top
1 tent and lots of chairs that seemed to have been left overnight (also not a good idea, especially since the turtles are digging WB this year and they could become entangled in this type of beach furniture)

Yes, we have 6 nests!!!!!!!!  How very exciting!!!!!!!!!!!


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