Thursday, July 4, 2013

Trash and treasure

Friday, June 28

Well, I didn't get those sunny skies that I hoped for last week-- not yet, at least! Not unlike everyone else, I am tired of this rain! But coastal weather is always full of surprises and I am keeping my fingers crossed that we'll go back to normal soon.

This morning in zone 0, I was able to walk further out onto the north end inlet than I ever have before. The tide was very low, so it made the area great for exploring.

The sand on the ocean side was packed down very, very hard from a night a heavy downpours. This made the ghost crabs' burrows quite visible on the smooth surface  of the sand. I always think it's fun to stand quietly by and watch the little crabs skitter out.

Overall today, there was not too much litter. I picked up:

-1 McDonalds plastic lid and straw
-1 cookie wrapper
-1 plastic water bottle
-3 plastic cups, all from in front of Shell Island Resort
- 3 plastic straws
-1 coffee cup lid
-1 plastic fork
-1 hat
-1 plastic bottle cap
-a mangled piece of an aluminum can that had been out at sea for a long time

The cool part is that I also found some very neat and interesting treasures, including a small shark's tooth fossil and a very large chunk of sea glass.


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