Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sunshine and Rain!

The weather this summer has been so crazy around here.  I can not think of when it has rained more!

When John and I arrived at the beach this morning, it was semi-clear (or was it just too dark to tell?)  Anyway, the quarter moon was shining high in the sky, so it seemed clear.

Although overall, our zone was pretty clean (probably because there have been less people on the beach with all this inclement weather) our nest told a different story as I found a straw in front of the nest, a stray piece of plastic wrapped around the stake of the nest, and a plastic cup just behind the nest in the dune.

stray plastic around base of stake

can you find the plastic cup?
As we walked, the weather changed and we just knew we were going to get drenched, but we made it off the beach just in time!

Black Skimmer

John moves ahead of the storm!
Our total collection included:
26 butts
17 food wrappers
6 bottle caps
6 plastic lids
17 straws/stirrers
4 plastic cutlery
1 diving knife
1 balloon
4 plastic bottles
1 aluminum can
1 plastic grocery bag
3 plastic cups
2 cigarette packages
14 toys or toy pieces
lots of other various things including a broken skateboard.

We did not take this beautiful cat, Sasha from the beach, but we did rescue her from an office parking lot!  As you can tell, she doesn't like the trash that much, but she insisted on helping me sort it!

All of our animals (3 cats and 1 dog) are rescue pets!  They rescue us every day (we're not exactly sure what they are rescuing us from, but they are!)  :-)

ginger and john


  1. holy KNIFE!!! Yikes!

    ... I just love how you rescued Sasha.. .she's so beautiful! :)

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