Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Rain, rain, go away! (No really, go away.)

Friday, July 12


This morning it poured at the beach, and I mean, it really poured! It stopped raining for about 10 minutes-- just long enough for me to take a couple pictures of the stormy sky and some nearby black skimmers. And then it resumed pouring once more! I actually kind of wish that I had managed to take a photo of myself when I arrived home, because I was so drenched that I looked pretty funny.

On account of the weather, my litter haul for the day was small. I collected:

-1 plastic bucket
-1 bean bag toy
-1 juice packet
-1 plastic cup
-2 plastic bottle caps
-2 cigarette butts
-1 plastic straw wrapper
-1 plastic straw
-1 string cheese wrapper
-1 piece of rope
-1 piece of cardboard
-1 Snickers wrapper


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